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Interrogations photo
June 21, 2015 | Fiction


Gretchen Schrafft

We’d do it with whatever was laying around: a jump rope, an extension cord, stray fistfuls of fishing line. Down in the basement, while the babysitter watched Spanish-language television in the living room, we pulled these things taut, secured wrists, ankles, and torsos to my father’s old recliner. Toby was a boy scout, so his knots were better than mine, but I was by far the more skillful interrogator.

Six Poems photo
June 19, 2015 | Poetry

Six Poems

Elizabeth Ellen

I can only remember smoking weed with Steve once.
It was either right before or right after I married my daughter’s father.

Zero And photo
June 19, 2015 | Fiction

Zero And

Rob Roensch

And when you play pickup and three-on-three and one-on-one no one keeps track of wins and losses, except for me, so no one else knows that I have never won a basketball game of any kind. Since I started keeping track, when I was sixteen, I am zero and six-hundred forty four.

Pop Therapy: A Playlist photo
June 19, 2015 | Nonfiction

Pop Therapy: A Playlist

Kate Lebo

By dread I’m inspired, by fear I’m amused. The phrase was cursived on a cocktail napkin and folded into my handshake by a steel-haired young woman two weeks before my 20th birthday. 

The Tribe photo
June 18, 2015 | movie reviews

The Tribe

Sean Kilpatrick

Cinetopia is a Detroit film festival for fresh retirees on a cinematic tour bus who belch knowingly whenever they mistake their hunched way into an obscene masterpiece. 

poems about the spiritual weight of hard shell tacos  photo
June 18, 2015 | Poetry

poems about the spiritual weight of hard shell tacos 

Pete Holby

My sense of regret is the dog
you remember with immense fondness
but that you no longer know.

Migration photo
June 17, 2015 | Fiction


Narting Tadoo

I upended the bottle of Seagram’s gin I always carried with me to poetry readings and cut off my penis with Kemal’s X-ACTO knife.

Non-Reader Spotlight: Rebecca Klaes, Part 1 photo
June 17, 2015 | Non-Reader Spotlight

Non-Reader Spotlight: Rebecca Klaes, Part 1

Going to school full-time and raising two kids definitely involves a lot of reading, but does it make you a reader?

Ex Machina / Captain Phillips photo
June 16, 2015 | movie reviews

Ex Machina / Captain Phillips

Sean Kilpatrick

Some animals devour their young to cease lactation so they can fuck more often. People tripped over the invention of a conscience for no other happenstance than to keep our numbers plump.

Two Poems photo
June 16, 2015 | Poetry

Two Poems

Bobby Rich

This is a 16-bit top-down adventure game, which, like many adventure games, is focused on a "hero." 

Querida photo
June 15, 2015 | Fiction


Erick Saenz

I first called her “querida” via text, years after we both escaped that desperate city. She sent a smiley face in response. I smiled along.

Those Bears (pt. 3) photo
June 14, 2015 | Sunday Comics

Those Bears (pt. 3)

Jarod Roselló

You want to watch a movie?

Nah, I think I'm going to go write for a bit.

popsicle stick bomb photo
June 13, 2015 | Nonfiction

popsicle stick bomb

Steve Anwyll

In my head I can't believe what he just said. How the hell are we going to take a bunch of ordinary popsicle sticks and turn them into bombs? Bombs? Shit, they explode. There's fire involved! Is Kevin nuts? We'll kill people!

6 Poems photo
June 12, 2015 | Poetry

6 Poems

Elizabeth Ellen

“God, dating Drake would be like dating a submissive,” my daughter said.

Lazy Wolf Comics photo
June 12, 2015 | Lazy Wolf

Lazy Wolf Comics

Alex Jiang

Do you think Buffalo Wings are good?

What a Weird Game of Dominoes: A Conversation with Alex Jiang  photo
June 12, 2015 | Lazy Wolf, Interview

What a Weird Game of Dominoes: A Conversation with Alex Jiang 

Pat Siebel

Last fall, Aaron tweeted something about accepting a few comics from a nine year-old. We’d soon discover the boy’s name was Alex Jiang, and that he was hilarious. When “Meet Lazy Wolf,” “Fashion

Two Poems  photo
June 11, 2015 | Poetry

Two Poems 

Julia Paganelli

Construction drills
grind, teeth against the pavement.

Tom Hanks photo
June 11, 2015 | Fiction

Tom Hanks

Paul Vega

To hack through the tail of a porpoise and free him from your gillnet, you’ve really got to have a strong steady hand. You've really got to try and find your faith. 

2 Poems photo
June 10, 2015 | Poetry

2 Poems

Matthew Olzmann

Dear 52-Hertz Whale: Because you sing at a frequency no other whales can hear, scientists have nicknamed you "The World's Loneliest Whale." I'm sure it's unbearable out there, swimming through eternity, calling out...

Lists photo
June 10, 2015 | Fiction


Oliver Zarandi

  1. Mental aberrations include: feeling ‘ants’ beneath the skin.
Soul Retrieval in the Southwest photo
June 9, 2015 | Nonfiction

Soul Retrieval in the Southwest

Lana Spendl

At my friend’s bonfire on a chilly Southwestern night, a blond woman in Birkenstocks approached me and said that her name was Singing Humyn.

Two Poems photo
June 9, 2015 | Poetry

Two Poems

Hannah Baggott

You always complained of migraines. Now, I’m trying to decided if I’m sorry for not having sympathy for you.

Mathletes, Exile and the ‘Nerd-dom’ photo
June 8, 2015 | Nonfiction

Mathletes, Exile and the ‘Nerd-dom’

Jeffrey Ethan Lee

Only one person on the team had a significant mustache. She was the only girl, but she wasn’t good at math. 

Night Swim photo
June 8, 2015 | Fiction

Night Swim

Dan Reiter

Memories are like Asian pears. Store them cold and they will keep.

She climbed shivering out of the river. The Taigan smeared its nose on her shin. Soily fish. Down on the rug, massaging its

Flying Machine (pt. 3) photo
June 7, 2015 | Sunday Comics

Flying Machine (pt. 3)

Lydia Conklin

Are you ready dear Brianna?

Bars We Don't Fuck With photo
June 6, 2015 | Dispatches

Bars We Don't Fuck With

Victor Freeze

Idk what it is but I’ve never liked Thomas Street Tavern. It was even listed on the itinerary of “Bars We Don’t Fuck With” one night when my roommate and I got drunk and devised a plot to attend all of the neighborhood bars we never go to. 

Great Moments in Cinematic Drinking: Goldfinger photo
June 5, 2015 | Great Moments in Cinematic Drinking

Great Moments in Cinematic Drinking: Goldfinger

Matt Sailor

Sean Connery has been waiting three entire movies to say this line. The first chance he got, Dr. No beat him to it, ordered the drink for him with that genteel menace so common among Bond villains.

Strawberries photo
June 5, 2015 | Fiction


Mary Helen Specht

Angélica, who is always setting me up with the entirely wrong type of man, invited the raw foodist to lunch. In the crowded restaurant, he sat rigidly upright, munching on sesame seeds, waiting Zen-like for us to decide on a dish.

The Reconstruction of William Zero / Lost River / Buzzard photo
June 5, 2015 | movie reviews

The Reconstruction of William Zero / Lost River / Buzzard

Sean Kilpatrick

Gosling has an understanding beyond the Franco. There’s a certain silence to his pose. I dig his tone, even if he’s sexy.

6 Poems photo
June 4, 2015 | Poetry

6 Poems

Elizabeth Ellen

Nicki Minaj just said, “all my independent women make some noise.”
I didn’t know if she meant me.