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Author Notes on "The Wolfman In Barry Bonds" photo
July 14, 2015 | BASEBALL

Author Notes on "The Wolfman In Barry Bonds"

Tim Denevi

On the night during which the events of this essay took place—August 8th, 2003—the San Francisco Giants beat the Philadelphia Phillies 9-1. Barry Bonds hit a home run, yes, his 648th...

Introducing: HOBART HANDBOOKS! photo
July 13, 2015 | BASEBALL


We are launching a new project, HOBART HANDBOOKS, the first project of which is our Handbook on Baseball, collecting some of our favorite pieces from our last thirteen years of online baseball

Some Horns (Pt. 5) photo
July 12, 2015 | Sunday Comics

Some Horns (Pt. 5)

Nick Francis Potter

Well, you see the horns there. They're a good size, I think. And so me, I ask about them, I say, You got horns?

My God This Piece of Shit World Sure is Pretty Sometimes: An Interview with Kevin Maloney photo
July 10, 2015 | Interview

My God This Piece of Shit World Sure is Pretty Sometimes: An Interview with Kevin Maloney

Pat Siebel

I began reading a PDF of Cult of Loretta, but stopped a few pages in. I’d already, by instinct, picked up the pen beside me several times. There were sentences to underline, pages to dog-ear. What

May photo
July 9, 2015 | Fiction


James English

My friends told me they’d introduce me to May, but only if I understood that she’d been through a lot and didn’t need any more bad things to happen to her.

Three Poems photo
July 8, 2015 | Poetry

Three Poems

Molly McGuire

 fuck me here on this scabrous mountain while we all watch each other among sacred olives fuck away desire.

Animate photo
July 7, 2015 | Nonfiction


Marin Sardy

The story goes that Mario is Luigi’s brother. Nearly all we know about him is that he is a brother.

Non-Reader Spotlight: Rebecca Klaes, Part 2 photo
July 6, 2015 | Non-Reader Spotlight

Non-Reader Spotlight: Rebecca Klaes, Part 2

Rebecca and I read Atul Gawande's Being Mortal and talked about it.

Those Bears (pt. 4) photo
July 5, 2015 | Sunday Comics

Those Bears (pt. 4)

Jarod Roselló

I heard about what happened last week.
Oh yeah, that was just—
It wasn't right. I'm really sorry about that.

4th of July: You're Not Gonna Take My Other Thumb photo
July 4, 2015 | Fiction

4th of July: You're Not Gonna Take My Other Thumb

Blake Kimzey

As dusk approached I lit an M80, tossed it across the lawn like John McClain on a mission to reverse engineer Nakatomi Tower. 

Hammurabi photo
July 3, 2015 | Comics


T.J. Murray

Robots, welcome to the punishment of a criminal!

The Child Bride and Her Artificial Flowers photo
July 2, 2015 | Fiction

The Child Bride and Her Artificial Flowers

Carabella Sands

His family was there. My family was there. My bouquet was made of flies. 

The Guacamole Principle  photo
July 2, 2015 | Nonfiction

The Guacamole Principle 

Mansour Chow

Sometimes we appreciate things a lot later in life than we should.

A Hobart Symposium photo
July 1, 2015 | Symposium

A Hobart Symposium

Robert Shapard

Authors in Flash Fiction International

from the U.S., Mexico, Israel, New Zealand, India, Australia, and Brazil

respond to questions

Review of Campbell's Soup Slow Kettle Style Portobello Mushroom & Madeira Bisque photo
July 1, 2015 | Food & Drink

Review of Campbell's Soup Slow Kettle Style Portobello Mushroom & Madeira Bisque

Jac Jemc

Words cannot possibly describe the utterly disgusting experience that was the consumption of this bullshit soup.

deaths in the family photo
June 30, 2015 | Poetry

deaths in the family

Giancarlo Paradiso

Watching the blood drain was the moment she knew/ that she didn’t have it figured out."

Ha-Kovshim photo
June 29, 2015 | Nonfiction


Karen Marron

The tourists stand on the hostel balcony, shirtless, sun on their golden skin and hair or maybe their skin is the sun.

Flying Machine (Pt. 4) photo
June 28, 2015 | Sunday Comics

Flying Machine (Pt. 4)

Lydia Conklin

Okay, now -- I'm going to tie this end to the box. Lydia, throw the other end over our tree. Gilly, stand guard over the box.

poems photo
June 26, 2015 | Poetry


Elizabeth Ellen

Tanja and I were competing to see who had moved the most as a child.
“I know of at least fourteen places we lived before I was eighteen,” I said.
Tanja started naming places she had lived. She kept naming her grandma’s house over and over, between every place.

2 Fictions photo
June 26, 2015 | Fiction

2 Fictions

Uzodinma Okehi

Nothing Works: 1

-New York City 2005

I should be through thinking about it. Ok, but I remember just going batshit, breaking up with Vanessa on the payphone. Hanging up, couple minutes,

Milk photo
June 25, 2015 | Fiction


Glenn Shaheen

I keep finding medium length blond hairs on old shirts I haven’t worn in two or three years. My hair is short and black, and my lover’s hair is long and brown. 

3 Poems photo
June 25, 2015 | Poetry

3 Poems

Leigh Matthews

If I too am a void into which/She finds the solace of vanishing.

3 Poems photo
June 24, 2015 | Poetry

3 Poems

Amanda Goldblatt

yesterday I bragged
about having a friend

It's Today Right Now photo
June 24, 2015 | Nonfiction

It's Today Right Now

J.D. Hager

Yesterday my mom called me up and asked me to buy her cigarettes. I told her no and hung up. 

2 Fictions photo
June 23, 2015 | Fiction

2 Fictions

Ryan Bender-Murphy

After the Bombing

Santa did not know how to react to the sight; he only stared. At the granite block, there were three rows filled with ten men, each of whom was Santa. The only thing that

Two Poems photo
June 23, 2015 | Poetry

Two Poems

Angela Sabo

It's like how falling in love never leaves a good taste in your mouth. 

How to Get Fired from a Coffee Shop photo
June 22, 2015 | Fiction

How to Get Fired from a Coffee Shop

Kenta Maniwa

Focus too much time on watching Amanda make cappuccinos.

3 Fictions photo
June 22, 2015 | Fiction

3 Fictions

Siel Ju

In times of great dissatisfaction, you will occasionally find yourself dating two men.

Some Horns (Pt. 4) photo
June 21, 2015 | Sunday Comics

Some Horns (Pt. 4)

Nick Francis Potter

Excuse me, sir, is that a sword in your gut?

Quality Time photo
June 21, 2015 | Fiction

Quality Time

Ed Meek

I was afraid the security guards would stop us, but they just shrugged when I took the plane out and put it on the field.  One of them even said something nice like, “Whoa, that is a cool.”  I taxied it from the end zone; it took off and buzzed up into the sky.