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Talking Poem

I say things like “a private habit”
and I array my habit, dammit,

eat corn soup and swallow and say,
like, I love Ohio, or the word
Ravenna (a town next to another)
to this blonde stranger who is a librarian
from Dayton I love Ohio, Ravenna, Ravenna.

It's a bit I'm doing a bit
the one about --

these are my old records, you new stranger,
from when I used to care about music.


Imaginary Poem

sir imagined my poems
feat. bicycled bears
tearing thru the
bricked blocks
of the city

sir does not clock
how vulnerable I,
interim, got:

yesterday I bragged
about having a friend
I bragged! bout an
ear conducted--
mouth conducted--

a book stays in its place/
a butt does not stay

say I felt like I used to say
the sunny suck of summer say
I'm OK

w/ saying that was now how I was

sitting on a black couch,
inna gray day
(brittle ball sun),
a'side my partner, a man,

witha book.

I said to my real real friend I says

"This is a time of final reclamation, of getting out of school I mean chores I mean bein sad."

I says to sir I says,

well, look


Reminder Poem

imagine a body who made a work of art
(art which beckons it be swallowed)

this is only a collection of vacuum notions
I mean notions in a vacuum the cold
thoughtfulness of a lone rider, pelvis
chopping along with horse underneath
a low sky a lover

the damp book smell of horseflanks
making canter down a bridal path
another poem I mean another horse
I am remote to you I mean I am remotely
cantering clock-clock/clock-clock in what
in a long vacuum of a room (suckspace)

lovers = evil little bugs biting –

I mean to put myself together via diction/ary
a papier-mâché mite clutching that

I mean to put myself together via diction

remember that the body does not contain the art/


image: Aaron Burch