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March 1, 2021 | Poetry

Three Poems

Sadie Dupuis


Dream logic gets my sober companion drunk
Vomiting silver in the private beehive of our wagon
I went to the cemetery and played you a too-fast solo
Mud seeped in the ass of my

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Phantom photo

March 1, 2021 | Fiction


K-Ming Chang / 張欣明

They were goldfish, and not even the pretty kind: they weren’t even really yellow, more like the color of the roots of your teeth, more like the color of a pus-glazed mosquito bite.


Non, Je ne regrette rien photo

February 28, 2021 | Rejected Modern Love Essay

Non, Je ne regrette rien

Virginia Konchan

... at Stereo, you never had to ask “where’s the love,” because it was everywhere, in everyone, even the atmosphere...

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February 26, 2021 | Fiction

A Yellow Tulip

Nancy Freund

The moon came out, riding on a motorbike, his head hatted, silver-blue, attached.

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February 26, 2021 | Poetry

Two Poems

Shangyang Fang

"Utterance of a Folding Fan" and "Op. 64 in C#"

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February 25, 2021 | Nonfiction


Riley Manning

“We found the calf box,” she tells your grandmother on the phone. “Not a scratch on it. Yeah, we found it in what used to be the living room.” 

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February 25, 2021 | Poetry

Two Poems

Gardner Dorton

"Three Boys" and "Phone Sex"

Recent Books


Elizabeth Ellen

"If Elizabeth Ellen exists, I would tell her it was like she channeled the anthemic scorn of Alanis Morrisette’s “You Outta Know” through Anais Nin, in her own inimitable way. And if Elizabeth Ellen doesn’t exist, at least she can invent herself.

—John Biscello, Riot Material

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Legs Get Led Astray

Chloe Caldwell

“Legs Get Led Astray is a scorching hot glitter box full of youthful despair and dark delight.”

Cheryl Strayed, author of WILD 

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Elizabeth Ellen

Elizabeth Ellen

“[Elizabeth Ellen] is the female Love Is a Dog from Hell.”

 – Chloe Caldwell, author of Women

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