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June 20, 2024 | Fiction

In Heaven We Live In 2 Dimensions

Conor Truax

The West was declining, masculinity was dissolving into cotton-candy sky. There are few of our kind remaining… his brothers wrote in the Instagram comments of a masculinity influencer. Come with us now, the influencer had written. There are new worlds to save.

June 18, 2024 | Fiction


David Stillwagon

Maybe I was smoking all wrong, but it appeared that I needed another smoke.

June 17, 2024 | Fiction


Filip Fufezan

It’s been two weeks since our last contact.

Bud is either dead, on a bender, or has forgotten about me.

I pick up my iPhone.

 hey. I type.

The message bubble turns green.

Bud, what’s

June 14, 2024 | Fiction

Bird heart & The mother

Natalie Rose Richardson

Bird heart

I was hiking the canyons alone when a mountain lion appeared on the path in front of me. Needless to say I was surprised. I had never seen a mountain lion in the wild before, so you

June 13, 2024 | Fiction


Evelyn Bamski

Money’s what lets me know I’m a good whore.

June 11, 2024 | Fiction

Alex & Chloe

Peter Vack

Novel excerpt:

Alex hands her a plastic cup filled to the brim with tequila and places his body carefully next to hers. The moment of transgression is fast approaching.

“Do you skate?” Chloe

June 7, 2024 | Fiction


Chris R. Morgan

When you join the creative department of SpyRE as an intern, you are told two things by HR.

June 3, 2024 | Fiction

Why We Walk with Spikes on Our Shoes

Maureen Aitken

Because Prince said sometimes it snows in April, one day it did. The snow pummeled us, then melted, then pooled on the sidewalks and in the streets, only to freeze under a full moon. The ice sealed so

June 3, 2024 | Fiction

Three Stories

Joseph Young

The spider, god, the devil, me, Kevin Bacon, the dog… The dog, realizing she’d been referred to, thumped her tail twice somewhere in the other room …What’s the difference? What’s the distance?

May 31, 2024 | Fiction



I’m not a fan of Roseanne, but I hope she never has to watch this.

May 28, 2024 | Fiction

Introduce Yourself

August Lamm

Lloyd finishes reading and Rae turns to me and says, Who was that guy, did you know him? And I say, Dude, that was Lloyd. And she says, What the fuck, that was Lloyd? And I say, That was Lloyd.

May 27, 2024 | Fiction


MaryKate Glenn


Lately: she looks in the mirror and pulls at her eyelashes. Gently, at first, but then harder until finally each eyelash comes off one by one with a thin line of skin attached, like when you

May 23, 2024 | Fiction

EXCERPT FROM American Narcissus - "Free Shit"

Chandler Morrison

She was a kid, he reasoned. She’d grow out of her ridiculous ideology. It wasn’t worth a confrontation.

May 21, 2024 | Fiction

AGORAPHOBIA: Summer, 1990 & Winter, 2020

Elizabeth Ellen

It is impossible to determine merely by looking how recently a modern American woman has been vaginally penetrated or rectally sodomized. One can never trust scientific data on matters such as how often a modern American woman is made love to in [enter current year].

May 16, 2024 | Fiction


Jonathan Doyle

Her eyes looked up and zeroed in on Marina’s Muses. On the women floating through the air. No cares. Just an angel dancing in the blue heavens. 

May 14, 2024 | Fiction


Paul Franz

That cicatrice ringing the heart, like notches on the prison wall, that sharp sweet spoor.

May 13, 2024 | Fiction

Excerpt from PERFUME & PAIN

Anna Dorn

I eat a big salad and watch Kim and Kourtney eat big salads on a ten-year-old episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

May 13, 2024 | Fiction


Fred Morfit

We scuttled in through the back door, out of the glaring summer heat, bare feet welcoming the cool linoleum of the kitchen floor. Chattering like a pair of squirrels we rifled the pantry, pulling the

May 9, 2024 | Fiction

The Beautiful Ones

Thomas Heise

A year after my wife Ada disappeared, I started attending the book club.

May 8, 2024 | Fiction


Yasemin Kopmaz

During the first rehearsal, her troupe members burn her thighs with incense sticks. It’s not hazing, it’s just how they bond.

May 7, 2024 | Fiction

The King of Video Poker

Paolo Iacovelli

Arnold Palmer died today. The news anchor announces it on the TV hanging in the corner as I’m dealt a pair of 9’s at a Jacks or Better machine. Suddenly it doesn’t matter that the news anchor

May 1, 2024 | Fiction


Stephanie Wambugu

The man at Hertz handed me the keys to a blue Corolla and smiled, revealing a large, distracting gap. In a boyish drawl he told me to return the car with a full tank, otherwise incur a $10 fee. I

April 29, 2024 | Fiction


Melissa Boberg

C lives in a building that’s beautiful and tall, and that’s sort of how he is, too, but I hope

to God no one ever tells him that.

April 23, 2024 | Fiction



Today you are thinking about that time when you were thirteen years old.

Whenever it comes back, it’s important to remember that nothing truly bad ever happens to you. Indeed, this simple strategy

April 22, 2024 | Fiction

About Endlessness

Jonah Primiano

The man that killed the world is being lauded as the better of the billionaires because he launched a cloned app that bans you if you aren’t positive. It’s like if you were stuck underneath a boulder

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