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June 8, 2023 | Fiction

I'm Not That Girl

Frances Schnepff

He never notices my tears.

June 8, 2023 | Fiction

Public Freakout

Sydney Hirsch

Seeing a picture of my tits online didn’t bother me as much as it should have. 

June 7, 2023 | Fiction


David Fishkind

With snot running down my chin, weeping, I allowed myself to entertain the possibility that this key situation would go on forever.

June 2, 2023 | Fiction

Excerpt from 'Counterillumination'

Audrey Szasz

I have to believe that what I am writing — what I am living through — means something.

June 1, 2023 | Fiction


Siel Ju

The Utah girls were already asleep. Unlike me, they were going home in a few days.

May 31, 2023 | Fiction

Opal, Opal

Marin Kosut

She started to ride by his Marigny shotgun until he came out and became her boyfriend. Her boyfriend, a chef who meets with narcotics anonymously, orchestrates impromptu dinners in the backyard of a liquor store. 

May 30, 2023 | Fiction

Daddy Knapsack


And then Greta. I found her crawling toward the lake, on fire.

May 29, 2023 | Fiction


Danielle Rose

There is no hotel breakfast. No air conditioning. No Tour Guide singing in the next room.

May 24, 2023 | Fiction

JOHNNY-THE-ORDERLY & other stories

Jamie Iredell

When you peed in the cup, Herman was behind you, watching.

May 23, 2023 | Fiction

Girls on Dirty Sofas, Close Together

Adelaide Faith

‘Did you talk about capes,’ he said.

‘Yes,’ Mary said.

May 22, 2023 | Fiction

tethered to the other always

Alexander Fredman

But I don’t even know what a collective is. And I can’t remember if he had tattoos.

May 18, 2023 | Fiction

Society of Elliott Smiths

Teddy Engs

One weird Halloween everybody dressed up as Elliott Smith.

May 17, 2023 | Fiction

Gulf Stream Kindness

Sam Berman

I was taking a new drug that was making it so I could talk to my car. 

May 16, 2023 | Fiction

Morning Shift

Alyssa Gillon

We loved her but expected her to go on and on, weeping with her flowers and crown, reciting poems.

May 15, 2023 | Fiction

Self-cleaning car cleans self after nuclear blast

Ben Dreith

People keep saying that they can’t say anything but everyone is saying everything all the time. 

May 15, 2023 | Fiction

Two Bikes, One City

Matthew Binder

Finally, Mr. Mackey, the chair of the school’s English Department, delivered a rambling panegyric about the school’s depth of talented writers. I left my seat in the bleachers to fetch a Dr. Pepper from the vending machine.

May 8, 2023 | Fiction

Do You See What I See?

Eve Zelickson

A life spent on your tiptoes, trying to fish the moon from the sky is, in fact, very good.

May 4, 2023 | Fiction

My Life in the Closet

Z.H. Gill

Chemsex stops for nothing. 

May 3, 2023 | Fiction

god won't let me die

Savannah Whitmer

They were a bull dyke in a bull dyke’s body, so God refusing to LET [THEM] DIE was more like, fuck.

May 2, 2023 | Fiction

Rideshare Tips

Al Jacobs

MIDGE: i tipped the guy $6 and i never tip in ubers

May 2, 2023 | Fiction

The Piano Players

Teddy Burnette

He struggles to come up with actions that give him a sense of joy or purpose when she is not around.

April 28, 2023 | Fiction

Girl Code

Vanessa Roveto

"I reached out to Cosmo online! They’re doing a segment on terminally online gays with non-terminal cancer!!"

April 28, 2023 | Fiction

I've Never Known When to Stop

Sofie Wise

Abigail’s face blotched with hot blood. I made my way to the back of the room, ordered a whiskey at the open bar, repainted my lips cherry red.

April 27, 2023 | Fiction

Pretty Rachel

Sarah Zoric

Yesterday, The Coffee Cart Guy on 38th and 6th had sex with Rachel on the floor of his metal breakfast cart. 

April 25, 2023 | Fiction

The Creek

Nathan Bachman

Then, she reached out a slender arm and Max thought she was going to grant him magic powers, but she just took the rest of his Pringles.

Recent Books

Dear Nico: the Diary of Elizabeth Ellen (Nov, 2018-Feb, 2020)

Elizabeth Ellen

 "It captures all the doubts, giddiness, confessional streaks, blabbiness, self-alarms, rationalizations, feigned equipoise, and instantly breakable resolves of a person freshly infatuated and likely in love."   -anonymous writer friend


Elle Nash

“Transgressive and immediate: you feel these stories shoot through and wrap around you.” 

             - Kyle F. Williams, Full Stop Magazine



Garielle Lutz

“Lutz’s work is a marvel of the possibilities of language.  Each of her sentences is an intricately crafted thing, deeply complex yet crystalline in its clarity . . . her command of each and every word remains supreme.”     

  --Mira Braneck, The Paris Review Daily


Garielle Lutz is the author of The Complete Gary Lutz, among other books.