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Devoted and Very Fine Hunters photo
September 16, 2021 | Poetry

Devoted and Very Fine Hunters

Isaac George Lauritsen

Life is viciously short.

Dumb and Wide photo
September 15, 2021 | Fiction

Dumb and Wide

Mary B. Sellers

"Me, all scatter-shotted words I tried out in the air ..."

i love volcanos photo
September 14, 2021 | Poetry

i love volcanos

Nolan Perla-Ward

i wanna drift like they do...

Eating Oaks photo
September 13, 2021 | Nonfiction

Eating Oaks

Jim Krosschell

Spring was months away; I could pretend peril didn’t exist.

Looking For Love At A Celibate Barbecue photo
September 12, 2021 | fucked up modern love essays

Looking For Love At A Celibate Barbecue

Joe Leonard

“And then after I came out to my wife, she stumbled across People Can Change,” said the man from Fresno.

The Whaling Wives of Nantucket photo
September 10, 2021 | Nonfiction

The Whaling Wives of Nantucket

Amy Zaranek

I didn’t want the water badly enough to die for it.

KICH-KA photo
September 9, 2021 | Poetry


Yanita Georgieva

Do you hear it there?

This Town Ain’t Big Enough photo
September 8, 2021 | Fiction

This Town Ain’t Big Enough

Scott Limbrick

The moment the cowboy bursts into the saloon, doors swinging wide, conversations splitting into silence, it’s already over.

Looking photo
September 7, 2021 | Poetry


Steven Tagle

a new villanelle

The Reward; When Things Repeat photo
September 6, 2021 | Nonfiction

The Reward; When Things Repeat

Sean Thomas Dougherty

Don’t they let you? Don’t they ever let you lay down your head?

The Myth of Healing photo
September 5, 2021 | Rejected Modern Love Essay

The Myth of Healing

Barrie Miskin

n the car, on the way to the hospital, I put my head in my lap and my hands over my ears, willing the city to disappear.

Summerboy photo
September 3, 2021 | Poetry


NM Esc

i always loved to keep a summerboy around...

Errors photo
September 2, 2021 | Fiction


Joe Truscello

But the shortstop is still bothered.

Two Poems photo
September 1, 2021 | Poetry

Two Poems

Rachel Stempel

"Hot Girl Manifesto" and "Blockbuster"

About Fucking photo
September 1, 2021 | Fiction

About Fucking

Gabriel Smith

So obviously I couldn’t do it. She would have known it was real.