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September 3, 2021 Poetry


NM Esc

Summerboy photo

i always loved to keep a summerboy around
wet in their hot rooms or
hot in their wet rooms or
bike to their house before september changed our minds

still catch a feel for anyone w/ floppy hair but
my hair flops now too & so
i am become the summerboy

u showed me yr grandma’s house on google maps & it felt intimate
u gifted me a fidget spinner it felt intimate
yr hair is now the color of the fidget spinner
i met a moth i named it fidget spinner

we are both the summerboy but men keep saying ‘ladies’

it’s hot i stick my tongue out like a dog
it’s hot i think it’s time to learn to skateboard
every winter was a war she said
every summer was a summerboy

archive of white shirts wrecked
by sweat stains of a single summer
maraschino cherry chem trails
spicy baby summerboy

sit on my stoop like i am sitting by a river
talk to myself like i am talking to the river
have serious conversations like one would by a river
eat a mango like: it would be nice to eat a mango by the river

chocolate for breakfast summerboy
collarbones comethru summerboy
ice cream sandwich in the bathtub now
my own hands close around my own throat now



image: Doug Paul Case