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Devoted and Very Fine Hunters photo

Well, the dads’re out pissing on the den again
so it’s time we mention your teeth
and where to place them when the time is right.
Violence is one thing. This dead bunny is another
way of saying I love you. If you live long enough,
you might come across the thought that you’ve taken on
the tenderness of what you eat. More immediately,
you might think, “I’ve reached admiral-level rascal of
this world of yards.” But you will no doubt think in the billions
as so many of us lose most of what we’ve once considered.
How can I tell you not to wrestle in the eggplant patch?
Life is viciously short. Time is both the ultimate truth
and the greatest sadness. The friends you have hunted
toads with will one day sprint as wisps between your ears
which will droop at the moment of their vanishing.
“Try your darndest.” “Radiate prosperity.” “You deserve
a delectable quail.” These are the encouragements of
your forefoxes but I have no sense this advice is applicable
when recent celebrations are conducted with fire. Listen.
In the distance: manual operations of a vehicle pulverize
a street to make more street. There are cycles to healing.
This is not one of them.



image: Laura Childs Gill