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The VVitch / Triple 9 photo
March 18, 2016 | movie reviews

The VVitch / Triple 9

Sean Kilpatrick

Black Phillip says monogamy means convincing somebody they like being controlled.

This Is How Our First Real Conversation Will Happen photo
March 18, 2016 | Fiction

This Is How Our First Real Conversation Will Happen

Gilbert Franco

I was sitting at the edge of her mattress. We barely looked at each other. She would have been in Chemistry if we hadn’t skipped third period. I would have been in English II.

Autocomplete photo
March 17, 2016 | Poetry


H.R. Webster

I can’t stop watching teenage boys eat shit at the skate park.
It gives me real pleasure.

Dirty Grandpa photo
March 17, 2016 | movie reviews

Dirty Grandpa

Sean Kilpatrick

Stay in a hell I can't reach you from.

Red-eye photo
March 16, 2016 | Fiction


Kristen Rouisse

Your fingers fumble with the seatbelt’s metal latch. You say you don’t feel safe. That safety is a bigger lie than Jesus.

Two Poems photo
March 15, 2016 | Poetry

Two Poems

Melissa Queen

You breathe and scream so deep, underwater it sounds like song. 

Resimulation photo
March 14, 2016 | Fiction


John Charles Wolf

Someone else is waiting by the door. I’m brushing dust off my jacket getting over to her, but really looking at my hand, which hasn’t stopped shaking in the past minute. I think I’m excited.

Bronson Alleys  photo
March 14, 2016 | Fiction

Bronson Alleys 

Andrew F Sullivan

An excerpt from WASTE: a novel

Elvira Moon loved bowling. For four straight years, her team, the Blooming Broads, dominated the women’s league, decimating all opponents until Big Tina quit to start her own team, the South Side Splitters, with that bitch Claudia from Couscous or whatever country she’d arrived from in a banana crate. 

Lazy Wolf: The Series (pt. 6) photo
March 13, 2016 | Sunday Comics, Lazy Wolf

Lazy Wolf: The Series (pt. 6)

Alex Jiang

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Last time the notorious cats have tricked dogkind... more

Lighter Fluid photo
March 11, 2016 | Fiction

Lighter Fluid

Eleanor Levine

She gave my dog lighter fluid.

She said my dog didn’t drink it because she put it there.

The dog drank it because it was an accident.

Three Poems photo
March 10, 2016 | Poetry

Three Poems

David Wright

It is the intricate weaving of scents in the hair of your mustacheless beard. 

These things photo
March 10, 2016 | Poetry

These things

Maribeth Theroux

A wedding is coming
up, and it’s mine

Where I Come From photo
March 9, 2016 | Fiction

Where I Come From

Miles Preston-Clark

Whenever Amanda and I get into a fight she calls me poor. She tells me that, in my country, they sell nappy-headed dark skin girls like me for 20 silver coins and a healthy goat. 

Three Poems photo
March 8, 2016 | Poetry

Three Poems

Chloe N. Clark

On the bus, crunched between
the pole and an undergrad, I try to study
my hands.

A Recipe for Poached Pear 'Pot' Pie  photo
March 7, 2016 | Dispatches

A Recipe for Poached Pear 'Pot' Pie 

Mira Gonzalez

½ cup (one stick) of unsalted butter (higher quality butter = better tasting cannabutter)

¼ ounce of weed, VERY finely ground

Divine Worship photo
March 7, 2016 | Fiction

Divine Worship

Rebekah Lee

I noticed a tall man in front of me with a long umbrella hanging from his arm. He was watching the priest and listening. When we began the preparations for communion, the tall man threw himself onto his knees. 

The Man Who Isn't My Father photo
March 7, 2016 | Nonfiction

The Man Who Isn't My Father

Jenni Garber

I never call ahead to say I'm in town and on the way over because the front door is always unlocked. 

Misery Needs Jokes: A Conversation with Jon-Michael Frank, author of How’s Everything Going? Not Good photo
March 6, 2016 | Sunday Comics, Interview

Misery Needs Jokes: A Conversation with Jon-Michael Frank, author of How’s Everything Going? Not Good

Andrew Bomback

The third episode of Louis C.K.’s new... more

They Also Use Tools, and Are Capable of Making Plans photo
March 4, 2016 | Fiction

They Also Use Tools, and Are Capable of Making Plans

Juliana Gray

Look at those fucking crows, Mona said.  She and Dan and I were sitting on our porch, drinking vodka tonics and staring at the view, which was pretty good with the sun going down and the corn in the field between our two houses almost ripe and ready to harvest. 

Little Girls photo
March 4, 2016 | Nonfiction

Little Girls

Zhanna Slor

It’s 2006, I’m nineteen, and I have a part-time job with my uncle engraving portraits into tombstones. 

My Old Friend Lou photo
March 3, 2016 | Poetry

My Old Friend Lou

Milton P. Ehrlich

Every time I walk to the library
I pass my old friend’s house
who doesn’t live there,
or anywhere anymore.

Between the Lines photo
March 2, 2016 | Fiction

Between the Lines

Denise Milstein

He was riding down the street like you, contramano, and the image came of you on your bike, and I wished for the dream of the flying bicycle to return, the one where I find you again. 

Wow and Flutter #2: Tracy Chapman photo
March 1, 2016 | Wow and Flutter

Wow and Flutter #2: Tracy Chapman

Tyler Koshakow


Not long after my father died, my mother bought a brand-new bright-red Toyota Celica GT. She also... more

This May Surprise You photo
February 29, 2016 | Fiction

This May Surprise You

Amy Silverberg

My friend, she wants to win a man over with a story. “He loves to read,” she says, “and I want to impress him. Could you write me something?”

The Butcher photo
February 26, 2016 | Poetry

The Butcher

Teresa Plana


Once a year I decide
I don't love you. It's

today. Watch me
not make you breakfast.

The child is only
this flesh I... more

Alpha Centauri, Taylor Rain photo
February 25, 2016 | Poetry

Alpha Centauri, Taylor Rain

Vishal Narang


I've seen my friend Taylor sleeping
mouth open sometimes, one time with a boner

Whenever I've awoken him, he... more

Nothing Has a Location Until It Is Observed   photo
February 24, 2016 | Fiction

Nothing Has a Location Until It Is Observed  

Andrea Eberly

When Sophie arrived home from the Strange Charm concert, she realized she was now in possession of an uncomfortable secret. The next day at work it replayed in her mind at least a hundred times. 

Deleted Vows photo
February 23, 2016 | Poetry

Deleted Vows

Vincent Scarpa


To love is to understand
the tsunami--

that it's just a thing the sea does
when it's been too long

missing the... more

Perennial photo
February 22, 2016 | Fiction


Caitlin Fitzpatrick

After the funeral, Dakota drove straight to the airport; there was nowhere else to go. Her brother was the only remaining soul in the Rocky Mountains she’d known.

Those Bears (pt. 8) photo
February 21, 2016 | Sunday Comics

Those Bears (pt. 8)

Jarod Roselló

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