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The End is Here by Jim Shaw

For the thousandth time
I am describing our arms
and how they are
the perfect length

A sad thing about mouths
is when they fit
another mouth

An irritating thing about honey
is that it is sweeter
than anything
you ever need to taste

A person can squeeze
into themselves
for near eternity

I imploded
millions of years ago
Joke’s on you

Idiot in love with a black hole

It’s not that my room
is the perfect place
It’s just that

it’s not that bad

You have made this place a home

A person can collapse
Inwardly as well:

the state of  nothing
that you make me feel

it is good
to be alone

Other times
it is good


You Will Have A Gentle Night

My favorite part of sleeping
with someone:

Wading through the distance they throw at you

It takes weeks to get back

You act like you didn’t just
lose your fucking mind

You tell yourself
girl don’t worry;

Similarly to Big Sean
you don’t give a fuck

I will remind you again

Kissing is not for me
in the mornings

Goodbye is best to say
after you’ve finished

We all cycle through
the same four emotions

because we refuse to admit

the choices we make
are the wrong ones


image: Jake Muilenburg