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TOP 10 TOPIX POSTS FOR 2015 photo

I didn’t know what Topix was until my husband Scott showed me. I guess it’s real big in his hometown, Rainelle, WV (pop. 1500). I think the idea was that people could browse Topix to find a good doctor or learn more about local news, but it turns out that it’s actually used to make highly nuanced art that truly sheds light on the human condition. I went through Rainelle’s Topix forum, and then the one for where we live, in Beckley (pop. 20,000), too. So now, I present to you, the only year-end list that matters.



#10: Drugs at city park

Posted in the Rainelle Forum


Dan on May 15, 2015

Becky Reed hangs around there at the ball games meeting people and selling drugs heads up Rainelle cops!


I saw her on May 15, 2015

Yeah I know she gonna get turned in.


JACk on May 17, 2015

ill be there i got all sorts of drugs for sale for you guys


Rebecca on May 19, 2015

wow really I was in town visiting family because my aunt passed away and now I deal drugs great people great



#9: Lets talk Reublican polotics

Posted in the Beckley Forum


Liberaltideath on Nov 24, 2015

Or Ffest for clowns missing one or more chromosones as I call it.
Guess we should start with the pubes front runner. Leader of the retards. The Donald He wants a registry of ALL Muslims in the USA-CITIZENS or not. Smells like hitler [he doesn't deserve a capital h]

Now for Ben Id let him operate on me or my children but after surgery Id INSIST he not have access to sharp instruments near my family.
Christie-Can anyone tell me wth someone would fear his fat a%$? If I was a plate of fried chicken/porkchops Id be afraid. If was a gallon of ice cream Id be like PLEASE HIDE ME.
Cruz-I want to see his birth certificate[get on that Don] hear he was born in Canada and his dad is a crazy a#$ Cuban.Btw While stationed at Ft Hood Tx I quickly figured out -Why ALL Texas women had huge breast and small vaginas. Texas men have BIG mouths and small penis'
I will continue with the others after I see an interest in this by other posters. Good night




Posted in the Rainelle forum


misplaced on Oct 6, 2015

does anyone know who the guy at the game place on main street is...never seen him before



His name is Ricky. No he isn't single. He has a big black gay boyfriend. His last name is Simmons. Gayer than a 3 dollar bill


what a joke on Oct 11, 2015

must be talking about nathan dempsey. nahh he isnt working there. got a huge criminal background plus hes another junkie. hes got a gf and is dragging her down with him. from what i hear thats nothing new for him. they we living at the motor lodge.


misplaced on Oct 11, 2015

Yea asked around and found out more tan I wanted to. Boy was I about to make a big mistake.dating a married girl with kids no job no money and living at the lodge. What a loser not at all what he built himself up to be.maybe I should of added liar to his list of qualifications. Not interested any more


bambi on Nov 6, 2015

He is the new dopehead in town..........WORTHLESS!!!!!!! !!!



#7: hey biggie and rotten iam in town walking right now i dont play games

Posted in the Rainelle Forum


Mmmmm on May 6, 2015

Ricky your trash and so is your family. You'll never amount to anything! Get off the drugs dude!


hambone on May 11, 2015

Actually some of his sisters are, or should I say were pretty nice several years ago. They were always good for a roll in the hay, or the back seat of my car! Once I had two of them at the same time in the back of my truck. They even diddled each other for me. Thanks girls! Care for a rematch?




Posted in Rainelle forum


just curious on Aug 24, 2015:

Anybody know Joseph McComas and What happened to him?


Nightmare on Aug 24, 2015

Probably in jail for child molestation.


clifford on Aug 28, 2015

hes a baby raper thats 4sure ,l wish he would shave that hairy ear!!!


just curious on Sept 15, 2015

I hear that he is going around and talking Trash about his Sons Mother! He better watch out, her Husband is a Police Officer and doesnt like People talkn Shit about his Wife and Kids! I know them personally and they are Wonderful Caring People!


dq hotdogs on Dec 8, 2015

Is James still around? He still owes me $35.00



#5: why do black men prefer white women?

Posted in the Beckley forum


JWH on May 3, 2015

I already have an opinion on this subject. I'm just really interested to hear what other people have to say.


Wild Bill on May 4, 2015

at s because you give BJs to them.


fact on May 4, 2015

Listen up. Ninety Nine percent of the time when you see a black man with a white woman, the woman is either fat, or has a kid or two, is much older (40 or over), is ugly or has some kind of obvious physical defect like a very homely face. She is usually driving because he is either to high to drive, has too many DUIs, or don't even have a license. He usually don't own a car of his own. Same goes with Mexican and other dark skinned men that go after white women selectively. Most white women that are slim,, attractive and have it going on don't like the dark meat. Just the facts. That is they type they go after because they don't have to put out much effort or cash. Lots of black men are too lazy to put forth the effort to get a beautiful black woman so they settle for the fat, ugly, homely, welfare kid having, desperate rejects that the white men won't even look at.


friend on May 4, 2015

I have seen pretty white women with blk guys and they r very happy with them, mwyb u should try one u might like it, some treats u better than white guys




Posted in the Beckley forum


Terrible on Aug 21, 2015

Just left pikeview. I will say their new help is just dumb. What is the owner thinking? Where is the hot blonde Lindsey that works there and the black headed girl Lori is drop dead beautiful! Both of them can have my kids any day.


Truthful on Aug 22, 2015

Wow, so u would really want a girl that works in a bar and prob gets w alot of the guys n and out of it to have your babies?? What happen to the men that want a good girl with a decent job.


bar flys on Aug 22, 2015

If a woman slings alcohol, she is trash, period. She is knowingly and willing being a legalized drug dealer. Alcohol is a drug, ya know. No woman I have ever known, that was a beer slinger was any count at all. Any one I have known, that does that job, is trash whether they admit it or not. Yeah, some of them are older and have got up there in their late 30s or 40s and are too old to attract the guys anymore unless they get them beered up or dog drunk, but they all have slept with enough cops, married men and drunks until they are all used up. Bartenders and bar flys are nothing I would want for a mother of my children. You don't use Bar Fly and Respectable in the same sentence. Opposites. Men put their beer goggles on and all of a sudden some old worn out beer slinger becomes beautiful. Another problem, drunks tell them they are gorgeous so much they start to think they can get any man they want. Drunks say a lot of things, lol.



#3: christmas help     

Posted in Beckley forum


helpplz on Dec 6, 2015

Single mom of 4 needs Christmas help anything appreciated


SickofBREEDERS on Dec 6, 2015

Take responsibility for spreading your legs and popping out children that you want society to feed.
You need your c*nt sewn shut.


hotrodd on Dec 6, 2015

You know what sometimes other people needs a little help you sir need a lot of help there's a place in hell for you an one more thing you don't talk to people like that


Justsaying on Dec 6, 2015

Sometimes people need a little help.. I'm a single working mom and its hard to make ends meet..She's probably in the position she's in now b/c of a dumb@**man like you..Maybe the man that got her that way should stand up and be a man!


Overtaxed on Dec 6, 2015

Welfare pays for these things. This woman wants stuff so she can buy things with her welfare card that can be converted to cash for drugs and alcohol
Just more mountain trash. If you have a job then get a credit card and buy what you need.



#2: The truth/for true an cruel posters

Posted in Rainelle forum


JRD on May 21, 2015

[long whiny, mostly unintelligible rant about how a woman doesn’t love him]


DIRTY ROTTEN OLD MAN on May 22, 2015         
You probably got the tiniest dyck on the planet is why she don't want ya. Crybaby.


JRD on May 22, 2015

That's defiantly not the case your old fart. For your info 7an 1/2 inches an 1an 1/2 inches in girth an sense the average woman area is only 3 to 4 inches in length that wouldn't be the problem. But I'm sure you thought you already knew that little fact since you think you know everything else. You don't have the first clue how people feel about each other. I'm not here to make a fool or be a fool simply expressing my opinion an thought's. You know that little thing called the constitution of the united states of American. FREEDOM OF SPEACH. I have not broke any laws or broke Topix user agreement what so ever. But certain individuals on here make threats which in the internet world are known as terroristic threats which are punishable by law. So you an other's I'm watching should tread lightly. I have used no names because I respect the people I may think out loud about. They can be mad at me if they wish but they have no idea what they are.missing because the judge way too much. An are afraid of going down the same path as before. That would never happen so keep your smart remarks to yourself. I don't have time for you at all.




Posted in the Beckley forum


Traveler on Oct 18, 2015

It is bad enough when one has to deal with the arrogance of a miner, but why must they insist on coming in the store without changing and showering? Once one brushed up against me and I had to send my clothing to the cleaners to get the grime off of me. I know its a free country but lets face it. Those of us in polite society should not have to deal with the problems miners bring.


Anonymous on Oct 18, 2015

you sound like a yuppie and I'm not even a coal miner lol they should have brushed you a little harder and as far as polite society i think not I actually find you very rude and arrogant!! How about instead of paying for dry cleaning services ~ be a real man and do it yourself!! Stop being lazy


Traveler on Oct 18, 2015

Well to begin with a consumer can not buy the quality dry cleaning fluids that the cleaners use. Why should I or anyone else have to pay for what some inconsiderate miner does anyway? I wouldn't mind being around them if they were more considerate. I saw one at a fast food restaurant the other day and can only imagine how dirty they left the seats. Im glad I did't sit there after they left


melody on Oct 19, 2015

Your just mad u don't have a miner, your probably friggin druggie or on welfare , have respect for these guys cause you never know if ever see their family, if u can recall the 29 miners that got killed, so have respect for these guys


Ecossais on Oct 20, 2015

Walmarts is banned from my household and life. the muslim loving Walton family will not make one penny off me. I cant do anything about your muslim in your white house but I don't need to give muslim loving Walton trash any money and I don't.


image: Carabella Sands