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February 11, 2016 Poetry

Hot Box

Sheila Squillante

Hot Box photo


“It’s really important for guys to look after themselves so that they can stay healthy and focus properly on the task in hand.”
Adam Lewis, Co-founder of Hot Octopuss


where’s my dark booth damp                    panties mid-day fluff and relief
hey you happy ender make it snappy       I’m frantic and fried

up with the breaking
once my brain turned on                I was in the middle



of the wettest dream                                                                             god yes
I was dripping drowning in bliss something with kisses
and a couch arm            I can’t remember
the plot but that’s not the point it’s the blunt
fact of it               interruptus       just                        at the edge


I know you get it

man I’m all whirling and congested
the whole world clit-tight and throbbing

how will I push my shopping cart now
where’s my hot box on the street

dark curtain

                 no peeking

slick magazine in my sure working hands                       hand me a tissue
we do it too you know
once on the highway while driving

yes, really


long miles home from a bad break up     waited
for that long straight stretch before the exchange exit where I knew I could keep the car from shaking
when I came                     did the trucker next to me know            do you like an audience too
I hope you realize we’re out here
on the sidewalk             writhing


image: Caleb Curtiss