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No One Ever Said a Murder Ballad was Anything but Haunting photo
February 19, 2016 | Poetry

No One Ever Said a Murder Ballad was Anything but Haunting

BJ Love

but that's all about to change. My murder ballads, well, they prefer to terrify. I... more

The Last of the Bonafide Virtuosos photo
February 18, 2016 | Fiction

The Last of the Bonafide Virtuosos

Alex Blum

There’s hardly anywhere like Norton’s anymore, and no one like Norton. He sold phrases for special occasions out of a shop in Queens.

February 17, 2016 | movie reviews


Sean Kilpatrick

My bathroom break is getting ahead of me.

Sick Days photo
February 17, 2016 | Poetry

Sick Days



chipped finger

nails the door shut         a swastika

earlobe   an appalachian woman

swollen & eating dirt      ... more

The Door Saga photo
February 16, 2016 | Fiction

The Door Saga

Becky Bosshart

Chesterfield knocked with two eczematous knuckles—only a courtesy warning to let her know he was coming on in. This time he walked into a locked door.

LOVE photo
February 15, 2016 | movie reviews


Sean Kilpatrick

The dirt on our hands now, how airbrushed in.

Some Horns (Pt. 10) photo
February 14, 2016 | Sunday Comics

Some Horns (Pt. 10)

Nick Francis Potter

A werewolf?
You know, I feel like it's a good possibility, officer, I really do.

Two Poems photo
February 12, 2016 | Poetry

Two Poems

Miles Preston-Clark


Greek Yogurt

my daughter and I were watching TV
it was some show where a group of overweight women
lose a bunch of... more

Self Defense for Girls photo
February 12, 2016 | Fiction

Self Defense for Girls

Laurie Cedilnik

Sarah squeezed into a bathroom stall with Ralph. Outside her boyfriend sat at the bar, nursing yet another domestic beer.

Hot Box photo
February 11, 2016 | Poetry

Hot Box

Sheila Squillante

where’s my dark booth damp panties mid-day fluff and relief

Two Poems photo
February 10, 2016 | Poetry

Two Poems

Indiana Jones



If I had any money I would leave the country. There aren't any people here and I know them all. I... more

Luck Come Undone photo
February 9, 2016 | Fiction

Luck Come Undone

Jason Thayer

Hector was lucky and he knew it. And everyone else knew it too.

Lazy Wolf: The Series (pt. 5) photo
February 7, 2016 | Sunday Comics, Lazy Wolf

Lazy Wolf: The Series (pt. 5)

Alex Jiang

[Previously on... Part 4 :: Part 3 :: Part 2 :: Part 1]

Here's what happened. Lt' Pup' Got mental bombed by a cat.... more

My Body photo
February 5, 2016 | Poetry

My Body

Moriah Pearson

That thing I scrape against every floor.
That thing, that thing keeps betraying me.

I knock on wooden bones for good luck,
but... more

the preamble to the deceleration of independence photo
February 4, 2016 | Poetry

the preamble to the deceleration of independence

Sam Price


everyone leaves the party

and I'm still at the party

I sleep on the floor... more

The Civilized Pirate photo
February 4, 2016 | Fiction

The Civilized Pirate

Sommer Schafer

He wasn’t expecting how strong they’d be with their pale soft hands and their petticoats and their bowties and their cummerbunds. But when they stormed the ship, they threw aside lacy parasols and let fall monoculars.

Why We Are With the Men We Are With photo
February 3, 2016 | Fiction

Why We Are With the Men We Are With

Kim Magowan

Two drinks in, we’re complaining. Jem wants a second baby, “But who the hell will gestate it?”

Real Winter photo
February 2, 2016 | Poetry

Real Winter

Lucy Tiven

The first time i took an Adderall I fell in love and was in love

for four years.

The Walgreens Years photo
February 2, 2016 | Nonfiction

The Walgreens Years

J.H. Pearl

No one has all the answers. What could the man returning a fleece bodysuit say to the woman behind him getting ready to buy exactly the same item?

Those Bears (pt. 7) photo
February 1, 2016 | Sunday Comics

Those Bears (pt. 7)

Jarod Roselló

[Previously on... Part 6  |  Part 5  |  Part 4  |  Part 3  |  Part 2  |  Part 1]

Two Poems photo
February 1, 2016 | Poetry

Two Poems

Joseph Parker Okay


father, son, and holy void

i no longer care
whose fault it was

which probably means
it was mine.

i could drive... more

On Beauty: The Year I Sprayed Fake Tan on Rich Women for Money photo
January 29, 2016 | Nonfiction

On Beauty: The Year I Sprayed Fake Tan on Rich Women for Money

Elle Nash

When I watch porn with my husband, I notice the places where the woman’s spray tan isn’t perfect. It isn’t her fault, it’s her spray tan technician. I point out the little white half-moons underneath her ass cheeks when she bends over. I point to them on screen and say, “I can do a way better job than that.”

Bedtime Story photo
January 29, 2016 | Fiction

Bedtime Story

Doug Ramspeck

Sometimes the two memories grow conflated in her thoughts, especially in her dreams.

Two Poems photo
January 28, 2016 | Poetry

Two Poems

Elizabeth Powell

The past kept living inside me like a cheap Timex. “Where are you going?” the store clerk said. But I heard my father in my head, practically dragging me from bed to bon voyage me out of Newark when this terminal was merely stairs, no moving sidewalks...

Melissa at the Mall photo
January 27, 2016 | Fiction

Melissa at the Mall

Marisela Navarro

One day Melissa was putting on lipstick at the mall.

Wow and Flutter #1: Peace and Love from Lee photo
January 26, 2016 | Wow and Flutter

Wow and Flutter #1: Peace and Love from Lee

Tyler Koshakow



Walter Benjamin begins his essay “Unpacking My Library” like this:

“I am unpacking... more

Trip the Light Fantastic photo
January 25, 2016 | Fiction

Trip the Light Fantastic

Craig Buchner

She almost said yes until she saw the stain.

TOP 10 TOPIX POSTS FOR 2015 photo
January 22, 2016 | Dispatches


Juliet Escoria

bambi on Nov 6, 2015

He is the new dopehead in town..........WORTHLESS!!!!!!! !!!

Graffiti photo
January 22, 2016 | Fiction


Matthew Hobson

Scrawled across the garage door in big red letters are the words "Die Snake!" 

Three Poems photo
January 21, 2016 | Poetry

Three Poems

Eszter Takacs

I built a Ferrari inside my white mouth
The shape of it was blue  and up came the sun
I said hey, Ferrari and with my white mouth   huffed it good, huffed it pretty
The throat of your pale moon heartscape contained me

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