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Someone Could Mean Anyone photo
October 31, 2021 | fucked up modern love essays

Someone Could Mean Anyone

Koty Neelis

Still though, that’s fucked up.

I agree, I say. It is fucked up.

Hallowed Ground photo
October 30, 2021 | Fiction

Hallowed Ground

Kim Farbota

Even in death, I would make a showing of my conscientiousness. I would step into a black trash bag, first removing my heels to avoid a snag. I’d put a note on the outside of a second bag before pulling it over my head.  “Please do not open; call the police.”

Circular Time photo
October 29, 2021 | Nonfiction

Circular Time

Aarron Sholar

I stand in front of this body-length mirror. The compression vest is gone, the drains are removed, and all the cushioning gauze has been peeled away; I’ve watched video after video of other

Two Poems photo
October 28, 2021 | Poetry

Two Poems

Eric Wang

Field Report From Concurrent Timelines

(Or: Basketball)

What I’m saying is:

There are countless alternate realities in which Kawhi Leonard’s game seven buzzer beater against the

Ambire photo
October 28, 2021 | Nonfiction


Shreya Fadia

I’ve never run for political office and have no desire to run—which is not to say that I’ve never thought about it—but I do know what it is to move, to travel, to traverse, to go around for the sake of one’s ambitions.

Stillness photo
October 27, 2021 | Poetry


Loisa Fenichell


The sky is a mottled mess of silver. Even
in California, I am expecting the snow to heave its way
from the northeast, to imagine
its arduous, low voice through the dark. In the dark, I

Thread photo
October 26, 2021 | Nonfiction


Wendy Elizabeth Wallace

This sense judders through you when you collide with the snowplow truck.

Rewatching The Office To Keep My Dead Ex-Boyfriend Alive photo
October 25, 2021 | Nonfiction

Rewatching The Office To Keep My Dead Ex-Boyfriend Alive

Shannon J. Curtin

The last time I dream of him, my dead ex-boyfriend asks me to stop bringing him back.

Usually, when I dreamt him alive, he didn’t speak. I’d sit next to him while he sorted mail. I’d watch him turn

The Mermaid photo
October 25, 2021 | Fiction

The Mermaid

Libby Copa

The water witch said that if I cut my hair and killed the prince and his new bride she would turn my legs back into fins and I could go home. I didn’t have to think about it very hard.

Choosing a Wedding Gift for the Only Person You Ever Loved photo
October 24, 2021 | Rejected Modern Love Essay

Choosing a Wedding Gift for the Only Person You Ever Loved

Dillon Fernando

When I mention this flash of sexual fluidity to people, it bothers them.

Two Poems photo
October 22, 2021 | Poetry

Two Poems

Lauren Green

Morning, Winter

In quivering snow pools
the cold sky blinks
up at me
while I wander
down the boulevard
in my tired red raincoat,
for tomorrow’s clovers
to prick the silent

Midsummer in the Spirit Realm photo
October 21, 2021 | Nonfiction

Midsummer in the Spirit Realm

Dave Fromm

Felt, for a minute, like some façade had slipped, like a glitch in the matrix. Is this in fact the car we came in? Are we who we think we are?

It's Later Than You Think photo
October 20, 2021 | Fiction

It's Later Than You Think

Adam McOmber

When I was dead, I returned to my father’s house, an old farmstead in Northwestern Ohio, and I stood alone in the gravel drive, satisfied to see that the house was just as I remembered it—small and gray, rising on a plot of land west of a moonlit apple orchard.


Reality Is Not Enough photo
October 19, 2021 | Nonfiction

Reality Is Not Enough

Rebecca Mlinek

I checked the rest of the house, but everyone was asleep. I had a brief moment of nothingness, of emptiness, and then terror bloomed.

Two poems photo
October 18, 2021 | Poetry

Two poems

Amy Bobeda

in davis at the ceramics conference

on the Easter Bunny’s lap
a polaroid of my heavy bangs

smiles and my mother swears
I loved that bunny so much

I wouldn’t leave the store
to visit

Snapshots of Us photo
October 17, 2021 | fucked up modern love essays

Snapshots of Us


On our third date, we went shopping for funeral outfits.

If Anyone Will See This photo
October 15, 2021 | Nonfiction

If Anyone Will See This

Michael Wheaton

The following text was stripped, edited, and reassembled from the thousands of comments on a potentially illegal YouTube upload of ‘Song on the Beach’ from the movie Her in an attempt to render the

Three Poems photo
October 15, 2021 | Poetry

Three Poems

Bobby Vanecko


Can we please
go back to
your uncle’s house
in Wisconsin
that was used in
the movie
Amityville Horror
the house is
definitely haunted
but beautiful
even with the
piles of dead

Crying at the Russian Ballet photo
October 14, 2021 | Nonfiction

Crying at the Russian Ballet

Benjamin Davis

The curtains opened, the ballerinas emerged, toes became violins, hands, trumpets, backs, cellos.


Vicarious Transubstantiation photo
October 13, 2021 | Fiction

Vicarious Transubstantiation

Emilee Prado

Ann and Andy have a small, quiet apartment. They live tucked into a nook in a towering building, which is filled with other people who also live small, quiet lives.

Ann and Andy are made

Six Poems photo
October 12, 2021 | Poetry

Six Poems

Laura Theobald

I have decided to hate you for 100 days
As soon as I figure out the first day

Advice on Managing Your Newfound Chronic Illness photo
October 12, 2021 | Nonfiction

Advice on Managing Your Newfound Chronic Illness

Kristin Entler

When you run out of tiles, start counting the specks on the ceiling; form constellations out of them because you’d rather be looking at the night sky anyway.

You Make Me Cry photo
October 11, 2021 | Poetry

You Make Me Cry

Molly Zhu

You make me cry

when you talk about her, and only now do I realize
that you never knew your mother at all,
there simply was no space for her in your crowded pocket
carrying poverty like a

Open photo
October 10, 2021 | fucked up modern love essays



I                vomit till I’m              hollow.

Two Poems photo
October 8, 2021 | Poetry

Two Poems

Bethany Clarke

To Buy

Saccharine body baby,
snot on the inside of my t-shirt like
I’m made of it, I would show up
to their house wrung out by sadness
the earth speeding up through my feet
up through the

And to Dust You Shall Return photo
October 7, 2021 | Nonfiction

And to Dust You Shall Return

Audrey Burges

I tell my mother I don’t know why his death cracked me open. She says the small parts of your life seem bigger when they’re gone.

An Impeccable Illusion: An Interview with Derrick Austin photo
October 6, 2021 | Interview

An Impeccable Illusion: An Interview with Derrick Austin

Doug Paul Case

I recently had the good fortune to zoom with Derrick Austin in celebration of his second book, Tenderness. His first had set the new standard for aesthetically beautiful queer debuts, and I devoured

Two Poems photo
October 6, 2021 | Poetry

Two Poems

Amira Maher

analgesic for apostates

nosediving from the ketamine and
distracting myself from the open
wound on my back, crimson-soaked

mesh shorts and criminally cotton
mouth, the nurse flashes flawless

Bomber Jackets photo
October 5, 2021 | Nonfiction

Bomber Jackets

Bryan Harvey

Freddie had a bomber jacket for almost every day of the week. William wore one too. Kenyatta had one, but he only wore his when it was cold. I don’t remember Xavier having one; in fact, I’m pretty sure he wore the same gray sweatpants all year.

Jaguarhead photo
October 4, 2021 | Fiction


A.C. Koch

He wasn't a thief, but the world kept narrowing down his choices.