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October 15, 2021 Poetry

Three Poems

Bobby Vanecko

Three Poems photo


Can we please
go back to
your uncle’s house
in Wisconsin
that was used in
the movie
Amityville Horror
the house is
definitely haunted
but beautiful
even with the
piles of dead bees
that filled the
upstairs rooms
I am not afraid
of ghosts
or of death
but bees are
another thing
especially if they
are still
luckily these ones
were dead
but even if
the bees were
I would go back
with you
I would be okay
even if I
was stung
a million times
and I swelled up
like that girl
who turned into
a blueberry
from Charlie and
the Chocolate Factory
and then I exploded
into a million pieces
that would be
fine with me
as long as
I was
with you
in Wisconsin
at your uncle’s

The Moth

I’m sorry
for knocking over your stuff
when I was trying to get
the moth
out of your apartment
it flew right at me
and I was scared
but I should not have
been such an idiot about it
I should not have
knocked over everything
in my path
I have been trying
to be less clumsy
but I guess
it is not really working
like I had hoped
Same with SSRIs
SSRIs don’t really work
They even make you
more suicidal sometimes
like how I felt
after knocking over your stuff
and losing your weed pen
because of a damn

Dragon Man

A new human
fossil was discovered
in China today and
scientists say it is a
new species of
human that has
evolutionary implications
and the scientists
seemed really
excited about it
so the fossil was big news
on BBC World News
I found this out
while eating too much
Chinese food
veggie fried rice
veggie egg roll
from Mee Mah restaurant
on Peterson Avenue
Chicago, Illinois
I also
ate a fortune cookie
which read
Excellent day for dusting.
Start with a few old dreams.

image: Laura Childs Gill