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     Водопровод – человеческая мысль, связь вещей, победившая хаос, священная организация, централизация. Л. Гинзбург

Everybody finds it easy to wake up in the
I seem to want to say
Everybody finding it easy to go about
feeling healthy
or made complex
by simple body pain      luxurious heart
or the interesting
combination of the two

Here it is easy to arrange your life
of the plumbers
the welders and electricians
the people who know how to fix shoes
pipes beaming water up      hundreds of feet of pipe
water flowing miraculously upward

Here everyone seems to find it easy to walk somewhere
not suddenly die
or drive for ten hours into another place
     which is sentimentally different
insane electricity in the brain

One possible problem is not understanding one’s
one’s audience
or most certainly one’s pathos
wanting to be on the run from the
stomach, the organs, the small
intestine, god loves the small

I am finding it easy to sit in a room all day
while seeing the entire world
as it appears
to have joy without moving
to have motion without moving
it is sunny outside
the sun is moving in you

From a place of lightness you can go anywhere
that is why it is a freeing and deceitful place
beloved by some who want to love the world

To crash the love boat into the everyday
place I can not name / for it is not now the same
fear, through window
or a recitation beyond these borders

Something simple

I was thinking in my
sleep about
what I want from life

like the Beautiful Star of Cruelty
or True   Humanity

yet the
only thing that really
seems ok
is the unhealthy freedom of my time

or painting on your poems
with little colored pencils

It really is true
that money can’t buy happiness
even if it’s a soft pink blanket on a public beach
                                            instead of an ugly, badsmelling one
             with the same wonderful people

My dreams telling me nightly
that a person must salute loyally
to the giant Statue
of human life

Step out of their halfformed heart
into a beautiful
                                giant amount of work or something

The way you twist up a tea bag
or paint your nails
you see everything
and everything is funny

Chicken scratch on my wall
cucumbers on top of the fridge
a dream that tyrannizes me from outside

I don’t get how anyone loves start to finish
it must be the Statue that watches over

On top of a mountain
a boy is
playing guitar and singing
               he is starting and stopping
     because he is still learning

I think the essence of growing up
           is that there
is always something sadder than
what you thought was the
saddest thing

and somehow this is
supposed to be a comfort
because it is real

A person must salute loyally
to the giant Statue

step out of their halfformed heart

It was a long and enormous
flight upward and outward

out into
cities, into culture,
     light, health,
   money and childhood
a life without
hatred and bitterness, dirt and
just something simple
      just a love without hate
   laughter without insanity
if not for me then for you, if not you then for
your children, it goes on
it goes on
   it goes on and it matters

just something simple

you only need it
so you don’t have to think about it

image: Aaron Burch