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The Bitter Librarian Ties One On photo
May 21, 2013 | Fiction

The Bitter Librarian Ties One On

Tom Noyes

When the governor’s budget cuts hit Eisenhower Middle School, the library’s one of the first targets because who... more

Taco Bell photo
May 18, 2013 | Commercial Fiction

Taco Bell

Dave Housley

A new email dings into his box and Miller cringes. Somehow he knows it’s from her, something about the ding – it is insistent, urgent, as... more

Three Little Blackbirds photo
May 16, 2013 | Fiction

Three Little Blackbirds

Joan Wilking

The next morning the phone rings early, five-thirty, definitely not later than six. The birds outside don’t scream that loud... more

Thunderbirds: Who, Why, and How photo
May 15, 2013 | Fiction

Thunderbirds: Who, Why, and How

Rebecca Scherm

There’s been a lot of talk about Executives in the news lately, a lot of mystery and confusion. For the last year, I’ve... more

Junky Girl and Loser Boyfriend Pop Pills and Repair to Florida photo
May 14, 2013 | Fiction

Junky Girl and Loser Boyfriend Pop Pills and Repair to Florida

Tom Macher


This place was one of those places.... more

Three Stories photo
May 8, 2013 | Fiction

Three Stories

Ryan Call

As a teenager, I had this superficial interest in handguns—I liked how the metal felt against my skin. I had never learned to shoot one, however, nor did I really intend to know at that young age.

from An Enquiry into the Origin of Lady Burke’s Ideas of the Sublime and Beautiful photo
May 7, 2013 | Fiction

from An Enquiry into the Origin of Lady Burke’s Ideas of the Sublime and Beautiful

Kirby Johnson

The first and the simplest emotion which we discover in the... more

Meth and the Genre Debate photo
May 3, 2013 | Breaking Bad fiction

Meth and the Genre Debate

Lucas Mann

Walter White is looking in the mirror when he hears a key in the door of his condo. He is smoothing a deep maroon shirt,... more

Don’t Be a Stupid Jerk photo
May 2, 2013 | Fiction

Don’t Be a Stupid Jerk

Tom McCartan

Everyone watched him walk to the guy. Everyone saw. They were all watching with their big stupid eyes that wouldn't let... more

John Daly photo
April 10, 2013 | BASEBALL, Fiction

John Daly

Mark Baumer

Jose Canseco was listening to a county music song on his portable cassette player. It was ninety-seven degrees on the public golf course.... more

Yankee photo
March 28, 2013 | Fiction


Jared Yates Sexton

How're you gonna live, she said, if you don't immerse?

Navigating the Ambiguous Blue in Dr. Brenderson's Office photo
March 26, 2013 | Fiction

Navigating the Ambiguous Blue in Dr. Brenderson's Office

Andrew Stone

Inside, in the unforeseen, where the sounds of dust susurrus, we glimpse rainbowed light above the shadows. Will we ever reach there, we ask?

Wonders I. Wonders we.

Canada Dry photo
March 23, 2013 | Commercial Fiction

Canada Dry

Dave Housley

Excerpt from Centers for Disease Control: Obesity in Central Florida, February 2019.

Wes Urban, 32 years of age, 298 lbs.

We... more

Exits photo
March 22, 2013 | Fiction


Jason Kane

You stare down at the departed. The fulgurites of your heart chattering. She was, man, an episode. An emitter of staggering forked words...

An excerpt of the story "Underthings" from the collection Spectacle photo
March 20, 2013 | Excerpt, Fiction

An excerpt of the story "Underthings" from the collection Spectacle

Susan Steinberg


My boyfriend hit me in the face with a book. It was an... more

Labyrinthian photo
March 18, 2013 | Fiction


Matt Rowan

Slowly he became aware he was no longer traveling down his back-entrance staircase.

Of Muzzy Smoke and Lapping Flame photo
March 14, 2013 | Fiction

Of Muzzy Smoke and Lapping Flame

Edmund Sandoval

Whatever crop and bung was leftover he burned in a large heap of muzzy smoke and lapping flame and when it was chopped down to ash and live glowing charcoal ember, he drug the spreader over the field, everything still burning and here and there little volcano puffs of flame and the iron wheels sizzling themselves...

All This Roadmap of Hurt photo
March 11, 2013 | Fiction

All This Roadmap of Hurt

Justin Lawrence Daugherty

Maria say she gon' tell me the future. She say she know. Mama taught her, but Maria had that gift, not her mama. The real kind. She'd seen all kinds of things 'fore they happen, like her brother shot dead in that parking lot, she'd seen it all four days before it happened.

What you gon' tell me I don't already know? I say.

Excerpt from the forthcoming novel Jillian photo
March 8, 2013 | Fiction

Excerpt from the forthcoming novel Jillian

Halle Butler

“We’re playing Memory Palace. It’s a medieval memory technique. If you need to remember a list of things, you pick a place that you remember well, like your childhood home or your office or your apartment, and you make a narrative...

For Steve photo
March 6, 2013 | Fiction

For Steve

Kristen Felicetti

If it hadn’t been for my day job, I never would have gone to Steve’s Shoes. I was a personal assistant to a famous actor’s wife, which... more

The French Shepherd photo
March 4, 2013 | Fiction

The French Shepherd

Liam Harkin

There were wolves near there. Wolves killing sheep. Poetry is dead. He thought. He could lend a hand.

Tongue photo
February 28, 2013 | Fiction


David Cotrone

Kathryn was doing all she could to get her son to touch his food again. She wanted him to eat. “I don’t know what to do,” she said to the... more

Uptaten Towers photo
February 26, 2013 | Fiction

Uptaten Towers

Sam Martone

A hand over your mouth. A hush in the darkness. It’s the girl, whose name reminds you of another, who you remember marrying in some uncertain future or almost-forgotten dream.

Budwesier photo
February 23, 2013 | Commercial Fiction


Dave Housley

The man woke up and walked to the bathroom. He relieved his bladder and looked at himself in the mirror. He looked at the clock. 6:25. He... more

All She Had photo
February 21, 2013 | Fiction

All She Had

Jessica Richardson

A panel of grandfathers lived in the girl like a Greek chorus. One day she woke and they were building themselves bleachers. After that... more

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