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Who Killed Mabel Frost? cover

Who Killed Mabel Frost?

Miss Unity

  • Release Date: March 28, 2024
  • ISBN 979-8-9890554-1-8
  • 288 pages
  • 4" X 6"

I thought I was unhappy as a man. Turns out I was just unhappy…


In Greek mythology it is told how Tiresias the blind seer disturbed a pair of mating snakes, striking them with his staff. The goddess Hera, angered by the seer’s act, transformed him into a woman. Like Tiresias, in 2016 writer and drag queen Miss Unity underwent his own metamorphosis, from a lonely, Dickens-loving grad student to the meth-smoking, hard-partying hurricane known as Mabel Frost. In searingly honest, darkly funny essays, Unity retraces his progress from man to woman and back to man. For anyone who’s ever had to kill their old self to become the person they were born to be.


"This book is SO FRICKIN GOOD!" -- Elizabeth Ellen, author of American Thighs


"A beautiful, devastating, and surprisingly hopeful journey into Hell…This book will destroy you, but you probably need it.” --William Duryea, editor of Misery Tourism 


Miss Unity

Miss Unity (2017-2024) was an American drag queen. This is her first (and only) book.