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July 14, 2020 | Poetry


Despy Boutris

We keep what’s between us a secret. 
I’m supposed to be at your house

and you’re supposed to be at mine,
but, really, we lie in the center of the wheat 

where no one can find us, make

another night in a fucking boring Pennsylvania suburb photo
July 14, 2020 | Fiction

another night in a fucking boring Pennsylvania suburb

Kevin Richard White

The guy looks over and sees me eating my pepper steak. He is a hard blur of hair and grease. For one brief minute, I think he’s going to lasso me or ask me to come over and polish off a bag of pork rinds.

Confessions of an Anti-Job photo
July 13, 2020 | Nonfiction

Confessions of an Anti-Job

Al Kratz

I feel like I should confess. I used to worry that I hadn’t suffered enough. I really hadn’t suffered at all. I mean, someone did kick our door in at three in the morning because of the ‘80s and

Echo photo
July 13, 2020 | Fiction


Tristan Leonidas

Echo pressed her index finger to the Facebook icon on her phone, opening up a chat with her recent ex, Morgan, who was still typing.

Talk About It photo
July 12, 2020 | fucked up modern love essays

Talk About It

Jakky Bankong-Obi

the history of countries is the story of roaming. And maps are relatively new inventions in the human narrative 

Important Judys #3048082 photo
July 12, 2020 | Comics

Important Judys #3048082

Tom or Judy Moore

Desire/Excellence photo
July 10, 2020 | Poetry


Sean Cho A.

i came to America too young
to be foreign, so all my dreams 
are American and contemporary,
present and blinding as morning-hunger:
a fat gull scavenges for loose plastic bags 
and their

Exam Room photo
July 10, 2020 | Fiction

Exam Room

Kayla Murphy

Pete wasn’t looking at me. He was half listening, half joking and trading cash with girls walking men in and out of private rooms.

“You thought about being a dancer?”

The Dog and I photo
July 9, 2020 | Fiction

The Dog and I

Andrew Bertaina

My husband is a proficient fighter. He catalogs the inconsistencies between the things I say and things I do. Against this tactic, I have no defense. For he is right, but what he fails to understand is the internal consistency in my inconsistency.

Minor Epiphanies photo
July 9, 2020 | Nonfiction

Minor Epiphanies

Shya Scanlon

ON Drugs, Magic, and the Sanctity of Losing Your Shit

Like any self-respecting Gen-Xer, I spent the bulk of my teenage years doing drugs. I tried all kinds: ecstacy, mda, coke, meth… I even tried

in the year 2148, our only nakba photo
July 8, 2020 | Poetry

in the year 2148, our only nakba

Fargo Tbakhi

is the egg yolk, broken when it was meant to be fried, 
the sobbing of a child who’s just found 
that their favorite character does not survive, 

the scraped knee, the store out of cigarettes

Lady Time photo
July 8, 2020 | Fiction

Lady Time

Grace Campbell

But I didn't feel sick anymore, was the thing. The sweating, capsizing sensation, the kaleidoscope of Muppets I saw square dancing behind my eyelids on that third night when it was legitimately bad, all that had been weeks ago and still everyone brought my mother food. 

My Grandpa Didn’t Immigrate, He Fled Japanese Occupation photo
July 7, 2020 | Poetry

My Grandpa Didn’t Immigrate, He Fled Japanese Occupation

Troy Osaki

                                                 ⁠–⁠After José Olivarez 

When Carly’s body
isn’t a body but ash
they wish to be poured
into Lake Washington
below a sun becoming half
a sun,

Fine Line, Harry Styles photo
July 7, 2020 | Jukebox Happy Hour

Fine Line, Harry Styles

Brianna Schullo

Fine Line
Harry Styles
Released: December 13, 2019
Label: Columbia and Erskine
Length: 46 minutes, 12 songs


My review is best summed up by alternative titles for each track because this is

Queasy photo
July 6, 2020 | Nonfiction


Maya McCoy

Until this year, I didn’t know I get seasick.

I board a boat on the northern coast of what they now call Sri Lanka, outside my ammah’s hometown, and I sit down below. I accept my friend’s offer of

The Healer photo
July 6, 2020 | Fiction

The Healer

Rebekah Frumkin

“Louis has stopped taking his dose.”

Sarah lowered herself to her knees in front of the fridge, continuing to uselessly rearrange the sanguinium. 

“We think maybe you can spend some extra time with him, maybe get him to start taking it again,” Tim said. “You do great with Dotty.”

Call Me By Our Name photo
July 5, 2020 | Rejected Modern Love Essay

Call Me By Our Name

Sarah Ruth Bates

Normal: a word-world I, as cisgender, could claim. That she couldn’t. So many label traps. Normal, gender, virginity. Sarah.

New York Strange, vol. 5 photo
July 5, 2020 | New York Strange

New York Strange, vol. 5

Caits Meissner

物の哀れ photo
July 3, 2020 | Fiction


Joshua Hebburn

Hours later, when all these thoughts and feelings had been erased by his pressing occupations, he got a text from her.
“dont b mad”

Being photo
July 3, 2020 | Fiction


Bram Riddlebarger

“There are some things that just cannot be reconciled,” the duck quacked, as it waddled across the path.

The man was disturbed. There seemed to be no end to the rain's falling, but only he was

The Girlfriend Who Wasn’t a Girlfriend photo
July 2, 2020 | Fiction

The Girlfriend Who Wasn’t a Girlfriend

Dalton Monk

We spent most of the night watching Billy Madison and eating ice cream and cookies and building a fort.

breakup letter with commentary photo
July 2, 2020 | Fiction

breakup letter with commentary

Blake Levario

I wish I could be sharing a coke with you right now; you only drink water though, and I drink whatever I can find; we work like that, don’t we?

Puig photo
July 2, 2020 | Poetry


Miguel Murphy

I took the test. 
Persistent rash? 
A cough? A rumor. 
A fungus 

from that polluted 
Ipanema beach. 
I smiled when I heard, 
took a drag, bent 

my wrist, palm up. Juana 

Hey, Down There, I Am a Middle Aged Idiot with Questionable Eyesight and Plenty of Advice photo
July 1, 2020 | Poetry

Hey, Down There, I Am a Middle Aged Idiot with Questionable Eyesight and Plenty of Advice

David Wright

I'm up here along the photograph and its shore, calling to you. Dive off your custom watercraft and swim to the beach. No one of us standing here blames you for being seduced by the once constant tingle of skin we've followed all our lives.

Huddled Faceless in Nippon: An Excerpt photo
July 1, 2020 | Fiction

Huddled Faceless in Nippon: An Excerpt

Dale Brett

Later that night, past midnight, I quietly hear her leave the apartment. I don’t stir. I don’t ask her what, where or why. I stay perfectly still and pretend to be asleep.