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You have the ass of a fully grown cherub photo

When a cherub grows up,
he hates angels.
When a cherub grows up,
he loses wings,
swallows bright blue
antipsychotic medication,

and drives to PLAY Friday nights,
a gay club in Nashville, TN,
feeling invisible fingers of eyes
pinch his pert apple ass.
He was once a self-identified
sex and love addict
who couldn't stop smoking cigarettes.
Now, the cherub owns a cat.
He stays true to monogamous
romantic relationships.
He's been thinking about growing up
a man with problems
and what that means for himself
and others born sinless yet into sin,
human humanity.
The cherub wants to know
if it gets easier,
whether Jesus truly loves
"like a hurricane."
He stares at his feet,
lights another menthol Marlboro.
When a cherub grows up,
he never really does.
The cherub has erectile dysfunction
because genital herpes.