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Stuffed cracks in ground with paper towels

I used to chew on blocks of wood
crying that the dentist has gone away from town.
My mouth would open wide
for sparkling birds and insects to enter and exit.
I broke a glass igloo filled with stem cells
And poured it into my ear.
Give me all your birthday cards, I said to the mailman. It is my birthday.
A shelf fell down when I tried to climb up it.
I fell into a large recycling bin.
After I stained my desktop maple I decided it smelled good the way it was before
And reverted it back to the way it was because I realized I liked it more that way.
What a mouthful.
I find myself staring
without moving for a long time, then after blinking I am
in a different room for a few minutes. I walk back to the other room to try and repeat the process
as exact as possible. It has worked a few times but those instance were egregious.
I am worried
I used to chew on blocks of wood
because of how it tasted. Hot ice or grapes with bare feet
to mash in the winter. Freezing on this mound of drunk
in heat. Letting the ground swallow what I give it.
My torso, dry and hollow.
I am not certain why
My hands are on my head and I am walking
Back and forth on top
Of a roof. Breathing so deeply I cannot
Hold my balance.
We watch a vortex open together
What a mouthful we say
I never thought I’d be crying     next to you    of all people. I am
crying     having had a bad day     before I flush the toilet    before
you wake up     and grab me    and make the best latte leaf I’ve       ever seen
you grab me     and you hold me


Note from carnival performance

ah yes I     understand I          /       walk into the middle of a room where        
hundreds of people line the walls.
              some / go to sleep and then some
talk on the phone while others smoke cigarettes with their jackets
over their arms at a horizontal angle       /     I will begin to sing
            as loud as possible     without a microphone     everybody will laugh       so hard even
            though I will have practiced every day      
for these people      on this wall       to laugh at me       where I am
standing and lift them up /   up /    up  /        to my chest and in while floating

in the middle of the room      *      begin to glow     

holding my knees and rocking    back and forth a glow from my body and
everybody is holding onto the walls as the earth begin to shake       /// / / / / one person
starts to say that the song      the song the song is reallyreally good
please do not do this please      we are all a family we have    a family or

in the doorway    everybody runs to a fire escape     while I am crying in the middle of the room
in the middle of the      air        I am floating
like a big ball of liquid onyx with a magnet underneath
holographic to the point of impartial rarity         people are      / begin to seep into themselves
​​​​​​​can you feel the magic I scream can you        feel it


image: Laura Pinto