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August 2, 2023 Poetry

Two Poems

Kai White

Two Poems photo

when i was young

i would go to my grandparents’

and spend the day

typing on their computer


the internet was too slow

to download videos

or search the web for long

but i wasn’t picky


i transformed word documents

into preludes and sequels

to super nintendo games

i played at my aunt’s house


that smelled like cigarettes

and had that cool basement

with the bar and all the writing

on the walls, my uncle encouraged


graffiti and now i teach street

kids from akron how to

use google docs, and

how to express themselves


within the confines 

of the English language

or regrettably

English “Composition”




the sexiest thing

i’ve ever seen

was a girl

laugh and scream

i think she

might have even

clapped her hands

kind of autistically

when she watched

how i speak

to my cat