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December 9, 2020 Poetry

Two Poems

catch breath

Two Poems photo

crying boyfriend

feels like me and god are fighting
they don’t want me to do anything

getting my period at midnight
my poems are like prayers

god doesn’t want me to stop learning
maybe i really thought i knew it all

me: cute and flirty
you: fun and romantic

it just feels good to drink a few beers
and hold my crying boyfriend

dreamt i was a popular girl in california
had the sensation i was gonna smoke weed

completely sober telling my secrets
energized by expressing my truth

i have to be ready to be disappointed
magic doesn’t work

only god is real how come
i get everything i ask for

i love being a poet
i have an excuse to say that kinda shit

money grab

i want to be someone who grabs
the attention of people
with money or ideas

i'm a capitalist because i have to be
wall street should have more musicals
to get me to pay attention

money doesn’t exist
i read books in front of people
to show them

what my brain does
when you’re not cute
or giving me things

you’d think i was evil
but i'm just playing along
when it's raining i get sentimental

taking other people on like that
it's a personality trait
but i see how it impacts the world

image: Weston Sewall