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October 10, 2013 Poetry

Two Poems

Justin Carter

Two Poems photo


Bottle Curve


            This is what you remember: collision

                        metal against metal, the way

the edges budged & how, lying there now,

            you want back to ‘93: to soft skin

                        & nights driving down dirt roads

            & the desire to still be

                        breathing, you want to say,

but instead you think of all the things you wish

            she was not: white crosses where

                        the road curves, not the reason

            a man spends fifteen to twenty in Huntsville.

                        Now: you become each thing

he took away from youbottles of Old Milwaukee

            at the County Fair, your ‘87 Ford speeding

                        down a highway. The repetition

            that won’t bring you a returnremember

                        the ghosts singing Hank Williams,

the answer to one impact begging to be another.



Self-Portrait as Q Source


Tell me: am I too distant

            from the shared narrative:

the mystery of stigmata, the child


in the desert. How do we trace

            past if I am lost: the memory

of synoptic bodies, our koine tongues


& the end, when I forgot how the words

            fit together. The failure of memory:

did we stand before Caiaphas? This


is what I’ve become: the misplaced speech

            of Son, quelle. This is the forgetting:

the way the words can’t connect back.


image: Heather Reynolds