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November 10, 2015 Poetry

two poems

Jon-Michael Frank

two poems photo


pictures are as real as forever is
hello kitty in the weeds
I live endlessly as actual nostalgia
dying alive with the light
a new bedpan under the moon
all love is a lack of something else
creek water knifing through a velvet world
this is only my first life
a mirror in the woods
I want a face that wears what it sees
a meadow of burnt sigils
hunger is the quietest kind of comfort
the sky transcending the sky
magnolias loom and crack along the bay
I lose myself in a beauty so small
not even my life fits inside me




I want to go back to the world
tenderness with a rainbow cut through it
girl in a Bauhaus shirt
whatever feels right is aphorism
the beach schleps and gargles
there's no worship without distance
mirth dozing in weather
wanting as opposing force
heat crowds around a pole
plants bore themselves
I depict to live again
the devil of the house
light dripping from the chandelier
there's obligtation in decay
I watch the ice melt
not daring to move at all




image: Carabella Sands