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The presenter pronounces "vista" as VEE-sta.
And that's all I really remember.


Logic Models

This is my logic model for love (just keep moving).
This is my logic model for ear infections in Sri Lanka,

for ear (Ohr) infections in Germany (they can fix anything),
for drinking Cutty Sark (because that's what Murakami drinks),

for using "u" instead of "you" (because Prince and Ginsberg did it).
This is my logic model for thirty minute jogs on the treadmill

(because I drink too much and have rolls in my belly),
for speaking of dreams as memory (because of Borges).

This, my logic model, is never, never enough,
can't fill in the space of stakeholders I once kissed,

pretty girls from Iowa City and Sacramento,
can't account for every input, every nasty outcome,

for all my misgivings and bouts of irrationality,
for this stale room where everyone pretends to care.




image: Joe Lingeman