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as great as our best days will be
our worst days will be twice as worse
you can’t take from somebody their right to be wrong
i try to love you as much as i hate myself
i don’t dance and i don’t listen well
i stay long enough to feel impressed
with how i leave, how your love looks from that angle
we watch movies like we’re talking
we are a way of spending time
given the option of days back
would you give up the silence
we call things like markers permanent
so we don’t have to be


you walk into a fully furnished room
and everything is suspended just above you on a perfect plane
as if you are the floor beneath it
this is the emotion i feel when i lie
and tell you that i don't feel anything
it is easy to make saying goodnight redundant like a ribbon placed cruelly in front of a mirror
we tell each other our darknesses
we give out opportunities to be loved more
you wish i would cry for myself instead of for you
and i wish that as well 


image: spencer madsen