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December 2, 2020 Poetry

Three Poems

Rosa Crepax

Three Poems photo

One night of nothing

When the languorous motion of bats and owls overthrows the scorching August air
making a party only takes three

One night of nothing
heavy      on an empty stomach
tinted dark
with souvenirs of bruises and dirt and rolling on the ground just to see the sky above
beyond the legs the arms and the far-reaching branches

are sucking on our blood
and soon we’ll be sucking with them
in still silence      the complete darkness

Howling along with the bats
taking turns with the owls
to nibble at the fig leaves overhead
a mechanical metronome keeping tempo and pulse

it’s been a while since
we were last 20 years old
the first summer night we’re all 20
in sync


Popping candy girl of nineteen
half flying
not walking indeed
if merry feet don’t touch the ground
Carousel girl of nineteen
doesn’t believe in yawning
but makes you smell lemons
in the febrile penumbra
of the Paris metro

The pool

I believe we should
find a pool to plunge
smelling the wet leaves
of black trees
until eyes can rest at last
free from
sodden curiosity
of you and I
plunging in the pool

they will find us here
dripping soft hair
and heavy lips
from the wine
and all the murmured thoughts
that would look
out of place
sipped with our coffee
and out of the pool

image: Carabella Sands