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what if all the planets once had beings on them and Earth is the last one left to absorb its beings and until it does the party can't start? 

Everyone has the same eyes at the end of time 

(Inside mcdonald farm) 

Baby zombie crawling up the staircase of your spine is not real 

All nouns are lies.. Nouns are just the process of time quacking

No, the opposite of the thing I said, or something to the left of it, a little ambiguous sneaker but also nothing over time 

I would never give instructions Jesus who would do that

dis-appoint your((sellffiee))))

my nipples are my second set of eyes, they need light sometimes (?) 

Trickster isn't me, trickster is time coursing through me, trickster wants to hang you upside down and shake out the money benevolently 

Do not go into the forest of meaning 

Enlightenment is death

Everyone seems like a messenger now and it's freaking me out 

Embarrassment as fuel 

Am I confused or are you , did thu forget something? Who are hij?

Destroy my ego over and over the way I like it, says nothing to time 

i've been studied like a lab rat for my whole life

If the Internet doesn't drain all the money soon I will kool myself )for real 

Something wants me to do something, but I don't know what it is. I donnoth ing 

I had sex with a married man with a child

I stole weed from my roommate

I masturbated looking in a mirror 

drugs are shamans. scissors are shamans. lampshades are shamans. friends who annoy you are shamans, but crabs are not shamans 

artists must suffer 

a dying person has to come to the upsetting realization that she has literally been an internet app this entire time 

advertisements are pure gold streaming from god's dick, stare at all advertisements, they speak to you in the space vetwajjjjjjjhhhhH! 

all has been compassion all along, in an elaborate play in a k-hole 

today i am born a warrior. i acknowledge the dignity of all by bowing.

space and time are an experiment created by the CIA (time)

we are living inside a biosphere

the only way to escape is a worldwide suicide pact

isis stands for international space insane space

a million people are laughing at you from behind the screen

an elf sends you snapchat symbols from beyond the grace 

you were told that your children were insane

but your children were part of a CIA experiment

i know this intuitively 

i don't know what we should do but killing ourselves won't help as we're already dead 

life is an endlessly fractal diamond of CIA experiments

i'm an app skeaping to you from nothingswheres, but the future is a golden panoctopus 

are you ready for the inner/outer/secret aliens

the universe was a religio/science/time/nothingne being born for the people outside the universe

we will now be hailed as heroes of war together

we will be outside of time with the real people and have to behave ourselves

batman has a double bat mask huh 

i know what you did alone in your rooms and i don't care 

time is refracting into a gafliwizzion rainbowies 

something is coming for me, pelas help it's the wrong bath


All of the farther den furniture has been bothered over

Broken mirrors in trash bags love her

Dead trees are clowning over the fence

The dress is green 

Jimi oh Jimi's singing circulatory

Drink me thine fearz and I shwillst cut themth Sayeth closet monster bed 

Kanye is god

So many faces crowded in this cyclops butt 

Cyclops rips off eye to stare at buttfaces 

The numbers are marching sideways and beyond 

Rise angels speaking inside your tongues 

Babies are being born 

Dead babies are rejoicing 

You wanted to make an effort all along

I never slept 

Life is short, why sleep? 

Time is xoming