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The Pros & Cons of Breaking Up with a Boyfriend while He’s at Sea photo

Your boyfriend was the first boy to buy me drinks; he
remembered that I liked red wine, except
when I wanted

whiskey. Something about it seemed risky, flirty. I liked the idea
that he
maybe wanted me. Or

at least
maybe thought
I was important

to you & wanted
me to like him. He manufactured
something. I think

one night we went out with his coworkers &
one of them came out to me as trans, only
I didn’t remember the next day.

Pro: He can’t do anything about it.
Con: You might have to pay for the satellite call.

He drank red wine out of a box that he kept
in the fridge. You asked me if that was
weird. I said kinda. I liked how much of a dude he was

& that he still seemed to like me. One time,
he bought some bud for us
in the middle of the bar. Sometimes

I guess things are easy for some people. Sometimes
I see him post a selfie
with a fish & I wonder

what it would feel like
to be held so proudly.



image: Laura Gill