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That Old and Good and Old Timey Good New England Butter photo


Remember being mammalian in the friar patch?

Remember your best reserve for slattern hells?

Remember being mammalian?

This gizmo stuck in my fuss like a picnic, alright?

Remember I sewed a picnic to your knee?

Fucking A! Pepperidge Farm remembers.

I had a wife anyway. She gave tobacco.

I had many a word with her and thus hung my bowtie lower.

That’s a light bulb, not my gizzard, remember?

Don’t mistake my veins for fur now.

I have a cigarette if the camera in my head stops rolling.

Remember whose planet full of scary bling keeps rolling.

Why, I own everything that grows from the ground.

It’s a farm, lefty. Not a woman with hair on her.

Because I go to sleep in pissy sweaters, you think you own me?

I’ll gut ya in your entirety and make a lair of the husk.

Remember being a husk full of my apneal snores?

I like that Robert Frost. What did he do?

Remember the tractor makes paths for killing planted things.

Remember the people you love at Christmastime.

I’d return your simple stare right through the screen.

If I had eyes, that is.