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Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) photo

Rocky Horror Picture Show is probably the biggest piece of bullshit I've ever seen pass as a movie. Besides the fact that it looks like it had the budget of about twelve dollars, there is no plot, no characterization, and no interesting aspects whatsoever. However, hipsters like it because they can throw bread at the screen and call Susan Sarandon a slut. The worst part is that someone must have thought it wasn't shitty enough already and tried to make it a musical by inserting various unidentified "characters" to sing songs with just about as much meaning as the movie, i.e. none. Especially after all the hype around it, I've never been so disappointed or completely bored watching any movie in my life. Despite how much insane fun it should have been to see as a midnight movie, somehow I fell asleep in the theatre. Somehow.