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I can make a wife outta you
in our forever era
palisades bed scenes sarah jean
my first language is hamstrings
more tongue your chain linked
to my throat
the divine an inferno a sick party just
red hot and intentionally slow
absolutely alive hands understanding
I lie to you sometimes
when I say I'm done
a bowl of pudding becoming
an avalanche
I've already outlasted
heartbreak killed a parasite
collapsed a patriarchy
he said this thing to me once
I'm extra romantic
golden hour
reflected on your body
the original obsession
best of the wet
a moan symphony
I am tough
and only getting
I wonder if
I am becoming harder to love
I just thirst for barbed wire
blowing the fuck up
a big existence
rearranging the letters in your name
I'm a little alone
I'm not beautiful
because I don’t think
this world is worth saving
I want heat across my back
I want to pulsate
beneath you