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netflix shares are down because superhero movies are all the same // suicide man will be different // no trigger warning / no hotline / no if you or someone you know / no baritone voiceover setting the premise of another world / just this epigraph from the cdc on leveraging value of statistical life data to monetize the benefits of mortality risk reductions / suicides during the most productive part of people’s lives result in a high societal cost / highlighting the need for targeted prevention strategies to achieve long-term value or even cost-savings // shot on multiple cellphones with only ambient light and noise / the panicky amateur rustle and jostle of the handheld device / in what most moviegoers will mistake for an opening montage our hero parachutes into transmission lines wearing a mylar jumpsuit within view of the main stage at a popular music festival / locks himself in a plexiglass box in the foyer of his student loan servicing center’s headquarters / naked / smeared with snack-shack nacho sauce / with a hundred ravenous rats  / crushes and snorts several thousand milligrams of sildenafil on a nsfw livestream and masturbates until his heart explodes / et cetera / on and on and over and over in all the ways you can imagine and some you can’t // most won’t make it through two hours to the final scene / a live feed of the nearly-empty theater suggesting it won’t be over until you decide to go