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feeling in pain
both emotional and physical
I head into the light.

In the park
wholesome children play
their healthiness
last night's
relative sordidness
into sharp relief.

In the main room
I am on safari
inspecting the teenage wildlife.

Thinks I:
"sometime soon,
levels of collective inebriation
will lead to the collapse of these nodes,
fully rhizomatic social interaction
maybe I'll get laid."

I try and have sex with someone
by pointing out
we have a mutual friend.

It doesn't work.

(while massaging my cheekbones)
informs me
of a previously unknown sensousity
situated in the front of my head.

They move their face
very close to mine
and aggressively confront me
about kissing them,
an argument oscillating
between feigned ignorance
and remarkably precise

asks me
to confirm my identity
I oblige,
they walk away,
leaving me
confused and horny.

The first day of spring
and I am in pain
both physical and emotional.

Offering my anorexic ex-girlfriend
a heavily salted potato wedge
makes me feel enthused
about my career
as an amateur sadist.

The beauty of
another latent love interest
manifests itself.

Taking a little time out
I check her facebook profile.

No luck.

image: Kevin Novales