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No Kin in Flowers photo

You drink all the beers I bought
And push towards me an arm full of bottles
You say, “I want to be alone
With my dreams forever.”

I leave you to be with my dreams
They are all of you like a loose shadow
Waking me to say you are a monster
You are a monster from now on
“I will be like a ghost,” you say
And I will wonder what the difference is

I will rise unrested
And try to find a metaphor in the trees budding
But will be unable because my life is falling apart

When I laugh, I want you to say, ”There’s My Girl.”
I want you to ask me whose pussy this is
So I can say “Yours”
But you don’t
So I ask myself
And I have to say, “No one’s.”

I am prepared to carry my bad mood to work
But a woman says, “hi.”
And compliments my skirt
She says “It gives me hope for spring.”
So I steal her hope
I squirrel it away like its still winter

image: Ruth Sands