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April 4, 2016 BASEBALL, Nonfiction

Nine Things About Bunting

Tara Roeder

Nine Things About Bunting photo

1. I often ask my brother why baseball players don’t bunt more often, because I am genuinely interested.  My brother often patiently explains why players don’t bunt more often.  But I often forget and ask again.

2. Once there was a Mets game on and I said, “That guy should bunt.”  And then he did.

3. When I was little I had a book about Baby Bunting.  It had nothing to do with baseball though.

4. A lot of people look down on bunting, but bunting can be both beautiful and strategic.

5. One may invent complicated algorithms to ascertain who the best bunter of all time is.  The answer will be contested.  I would like to think that if women were allowed to play professional baseball, the answer would be me.

6. A bunt is also the middle part of a square sail or the bagging part of a fishing net.  A bunting is a type of bird.

7. To successfully bunt for a hit, you must catch the opposition unaware.  (Source: Baseball for Dummies.)

8. Once I googled “Can you bunt in football?”  Answers.com had a helpful “Answered by the Community” reply: “No.”

9. There are no Google results for “Can you bunt in stickball?”                  

image: Aaron Burch