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August 21, 2023 Poetry


Bryn Lovitt

Naughts photo
  1. I learned how to suffer from tabloids at the grocery store 
  2. When Britney shaved her head I felt a cool breeze on my scalp
  3. The admin died in my pro-ana group
  4. My bully told me flophouse by Babyshambles is about her
  5. It’s about Kate moss
  6. Brittany Murphy was killed by Harvey Weinstein 
  7. Housekeeper finds chicken carcasses under my bed
  8. Hugh Hefner’s son thinks that I’m cute  
  9. P1nk’s dogs are playing in my yard
  10. Low key famous addicts go the Westwood AA
  11. Why is Henry Kissinger at my school right now
  12. Ripping new tights with X-acto knife
  13. Power rangers heiress says keep lotion in your purse 
  14. Larry David sees me crying about AIDS
  15. Kate Hudson comes to rehearsal and says follow your dreams
  16. Nicole Richie is skinny now
  17. Suck Advil coatings off for lunch
  18. Crouching in alleys for a MySpace pic
  19. Start rumor I am bulemic 
  20. Can’t use my hands so use forehead  
  21. Sneak on the Next bus because automatic doors 
  22. Was that a speed bump or a kid? Must circle block until I’m sure
  23. Fuck Monk. I’m trying to watch Scrubs
  24. No seriously no more Monk but I can’t use remote controls
  25. Agents scoping out my school play
  26. My enemies are famous now 
  27. Boys keep dying in car crashes in luxury cars
  28. Carpool to the funeral
  29. He looks puffy
  30. Secret closet altar of tiny Purell bottles
  31. Vintage slips are crusty with cum
  32. But those are what Mary Kate wears
  33. A boho girl can never die 
  34. Too scared of blood to kill myself 
  35. Yahoo answers 
  36. DSM
  37. Am I gay quiz
  38. House foreclosed on
  39. Priced out of paradise
  40. Used to be one of the rotten ones and I liked you for that