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October 24, 2017 Poetry

[my body is an american]

p.e. garcia

[my body is an american] photo

my body is an american
accident, blood as red
                                  as white&blue

i know the world
                                  is bigger than my bed
                                  but what good is it
                                  if i can’t escape
                                  the cage arched over my heart.

my body is an american
                                  a moonbeam & ocean

i have tried to be re-
                                  & shed my skin
                                  but every word i speak
                                  is laced with baseball
                                  jazz & apple pie idols

my body is an american
the fascists march
            against me
                                  RETURN MY COUNTRY,
                                                           make it great again,
                                  FILL CLOCKFACES WITH BLOOD,
                                                           force the hands to make
                                  REVOLUTION IN REVERSE,
                                                           blood coagulates,
                                  TIME STAGNATES.

my body is
an american;
a divine accident,  a Ford wrecked,
spraying blood across the Midwest
                                                           like my father scrambling
                                                           across the California border
                                                           to work in a factory where they grind animals
                                                           into dog food.

my body is an american
minotaur, half-formed mistake stuck
in the bowels of your imagination,
wandering darkness & waiting

my body is an american
casket, shove the corpses
through my eyesockets til they spill
from my mouth:

                      a hand, a heart, scraps of skin,
                                              american bodies,
                      over lips & tongue, out into american
                      streets, reborn to the dawn
                      of future days


image: Tara Wray