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June 29, 2022 Poetry


Macy Perrine

manmade photo

Josh you small-town prodigy. you
master of horsehair, you rosiny smile.
you reason I chose the violin, reason
I scholarshipped away. Alex I wrote poems
in case you found them magical. pinched
your just-as-callused fingers, let them
strum my insides like a scalpel
strums bare chest. you reason I shut
my legs by reflex, reason I flinch
when touched. oh raised-hand Matt. you
centrist bastard, your mouth kool-aid-stained
with stubble, it gushed and fucking gushed.
you safety pin, deflating the unprovable: bubbles,
balloon animals, poetry, everything I am. you
reason I know how to argue, reason I’ve seen
myself burst. Bryan you teenage dream.
you snapback gray vans skater boy, your arms
constellationed with freckles. you reason
I think of home at night, reason I’ve seen
the sky. you pothead. you backseat
blowjob. you reason I choke to show
how you fill me up. I love to be quiet for you,
let my tongue write the poems I can’t. you
sweet-smirk prick. you reason why.


image: David Wright