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If Everything's Under Control, You're Going Too Slow photo


Let the okra go to waste, steal oranges from the
corner store. I'll tell you that I love you like I've
loved no one else. Our bodies are made to be
useful, move fast. The fastest man in the world
eats McDonald's before he runs; a pitcher's been
arrested for speeding but really, we should be able
to drive as fast as we can throw a baseball. Why 
can't we do anything? Can't you see there's 
garbage cans waiting to be knocked over? We
could be outside ourselves all the time like sex and 
lists. This thing could get big! Are we talking about
the world between us or the onions frying in the pan?
not talking about breakfast, I'm talking about
sinning just enough, about getting day drunk in 
the nicest oceans. But I like things the way they are. I
like the way you sprayed the shower wall with hot
water before you pressed me up against it.



image: Madison Langston