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July 31, 2019 Poetry

I get sick

Lee Patterson

I get sick photo

I eat a 3-egg omelet & immediately throw up.
I think I’m getting sick. I take an advil & vomit the advil. 
I feel dizzy & go to lie down but god tells me not to
even bother, that he’s already binged everything on netflix
& he’s bored so good luck. & so I vomit the republican
party, ralph nader’s seatbelt. I vomit a redbox
but all the discs are scratched & I haven’t owned
a dvd player since 2016. I vomit the bible, my high school
copy of 1984, the scarlet letter written in braille.
I am vomiting entire libraries. 
I vomit discretion, magic tricks, a glass ashtray. I take a break
from vomiting & light a bottle rocket.
I pet my dog & my dog vomits a smaller dog.
I pet both dogs. my wife brings me a bowl of soup &
I vomit a spoon. I vomit a poem about the moon.
I vomit a poet & the poet writes a poem about the same moon.
I vomit every cover of toto’s “africa”.
the 3 eggs I vomited earlier begin to hatch.
I put them under a heat lamp that I use for a fireplace
I vomited in the middle of my living room.
I want to breathe campfires, to grow old
with the s’mores already burning through
the living room. the 3 eggs have now hatched
& the chicks are chirping the chorus to toto’s “africa”.
I vomit a headache & curl up next to the heat
lamp, waiting for the s’mores to burn the house down.


image: Laura Gill