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Tara Wray, photo editor 



"In the home that my grandparents have shared for sixty years, the linear progression of time has slowed to a gentle creep. Conjuring a space where time is only allowed to leak through the shrill labored creaks in the floorboards. Their cyclic processes are pronounced through chores and routines, retrieving the mail and preparing meals. They’ve continued to represent ideas of a long fulfilling life that we all aspire to obtain, yet ignore the foreclosure of their motility, of the struggle that occurs when the mind and body cannot and will not cooperate. This is an unfortunate aspect of life to be faced with. I have made photographs with them for about seven years off and on. In 2018, I started a graduate program at the University of Georgia which involved moving 200 miles away from the home I lived for eleven years alongside them. I grew driftless and apathetic in Athens, I had minimal desire to make work or even think about photography. I saw myself as an imposter, as a deceiver who inexplicably pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes. I reacquainted myself with this early work and found myself energized by these pictures I had made and the conversation that could be continued from the photographs. The distance from my grandparents has provided a sort of clarity and severance which has made me realize how important making this work is for me. In going back home, I found what excited me about photography in the first place and I have carried that energy back with me to Georgia." 

— Matthew J. Brown



image: Matthew J. Brown