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Foul Machine

Is there a lightbulb as homely as I am? I was to keep my wants in order of most thrilling to least. I was a darkness when another darkness was to make up for the rest of it. The quiet is still the quiet but it’s changed memories again. You are somewhere like a truth, like a god, like an unblinking whim in my—whatever it is we are & we will be again. Is there a lightbulb set that you’d recommend?



Randy Got An Idea

I don’t order, I don’t ask, I don’t have any idea how I’m going to answer a phone at the end of this sentence. Randy is smarter, younger, & he’d feel imaginary to me except for one fact: I’m looking at him. I’m thinking about Randy: you’re a remote ghost, here now, washing your hair, & we have all lost something. I’m asking the questions of myself. I’m listening to water that will always be water.


image: Doug Paul Case