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crazy horse

half full heavy
whipping cream in their drywall construct
see me mob hammer ?
smack dab middle of july
i ask and clam up

that thunder is new to me
racking up the bill
instead of pacing
               they zone out over in the corner
               and I pray for their metabolic response

love is hell
straw instead of hay
issues with weeds and this time of year stinks

how I call on my best friend to question
she can answer
               am I nun these days?
               or am I clinically female?

christmas time in Aidan’s ears
is sung full of pine needle padding

find banter in pointless motion
boney exposure becomes my disorder
scour the tub
and ask for a dry season

I learned to parade around and lead with what?

bands i love

do you like this image of
clicking tongue behavior?
thin layer that
the month is only well in its transparent hole?
the moth to be the filling clay

i can’t believe you are perfect still
clearest skin that eyes
the shield that puts around
the pink body

the spit i text

by the way
my precious songs
are the ones I love to know
flies that live inside
are baby cocoon
my refusal to play is
and buzz to trick and deal

I think my prison book donation
is lost
in my journal
sometimes my head is made of buttons

to pick or undo
pulling the cracked back out of the dust
the desert crust
born in the night
felt like Jupiter
or wisdom
the sopping wet besos
i lip

Sleepy Hum

Sometimes the baby in new me
Wants to pee in the grass
To tell it’s love
I exist
in smoke

The knob
fell off into
the pot, the turning is dramatic

the sleepy hum is
a cracked door story to be like yours

for a fry pan full of milk
you chipped cup saint
swing in
season one
of this time I left
the pendulum dream is las vegas

can that only be one far reach? to

grow yourself in the dirt and
sit for heavens eaten less than
water for weeks

in preparation of this once type
of trust

is written in star born shorts
baggy and crassly described as
house clothes

mama          who she

be lamely interested in travel
and hats that cradle the sun before Night’s Inn

for many clock rounds
i haven’t eaten for
in preparation of this once type
of trust


balmy dulled pain that the death bell drew me
the chained pack
and pup housing how i didn’t realize the time ticker was on

I write it all for Aidan
and sick mast of cell
seeing double love growing in
ramped up
the year went by
the name has gauged a space that became palpable

i see a reflection of puddle form my dehydration sharply set in and had to bond
time sick/barrel grey
duck and goring extra chicken/
cover hay
under his wing they lived
in an outside kind of voice
underwear beetles and water bug keep
things alive
running smoothly
          to shoot off and give context is
the quilt runny egg on toast
perfect bread peat in urn
the dream goes in dog years
earning the group
and shuttling the pan
the oil slick burn
the tub pit in marrow

seek dreaming parts and love in the end
the growling below my skin
hungry for left overs and cold news

image: Tyler McAndrew