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August 31, 2022 Poetry

Five Poems

Roy Gu

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You are the big blue sky
I never thought you would have
The moment when you turn your head over
So the water freezes
So the ginkgo falls
So the wall full of photos is also pale
And should I put November in the spectacle case
Then take it with you as you need it at any time
Silence revolves in the washing machine
And doesn't want to stop


When we meet again
You and I each bringing a basket of the past
Shells, leaves, stones
Dry petals, fine grass
I don't know what clothes it fell from
Buttons of different colors
I can't even speak
I lower my eyebrows and sigh
And smile again, saying that salmon is good
That it's rainy this year
That I still listen to Brahms occasionally

Crushed Ice

Sorrow from hope must be more than joy
So let the door be closed
Umbrellas also are put away
An empty cup can't hold a thread of
Quiet company
There is no exit from Tamsui Building
Tamsui Building forgot to dance on time
Tamsui Building is still thinking about the bead curtain of the wind tail
When the ticket expires, I ask you
Is the road still there?

Sense of Mission

For you I gave up seclusion
And put on the scarf again
Letting the dragonfly show off its wings in front
And I'm not moved
Arguing with the vendors in the market
Talking about the weather with middle-aged women
Carrying a wooden barrel, pretending to catch carp
Trying to hook up every beggar from a foreign land
Smiling at all times
I know, it's all for you


I do not understand
What you are talking about in the evening
When it rains, it's no longer
What it was like
Who crossed that river
Walking to the bushland
Guess I'll go down the mountain
The wind has stopped


image: David Wright