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November 6, 2020 Poetry

Two Poems

Serena Solin

Two Poems photo

The Courtyard

years ago the street stank of shit so bad they built a house
behind the house with the basement where you live sometimes

though the back house also has a basement where you live

where a salmon run of strangers lives

stunned by the sun, emerging into the addressless

I know both houses are splendid with people
but I don’t believe it

I never see anybody there



Double Jeopardy

a surplus of doors
and a menagerie of locks

a probable fit, a pick, and a tension
wrench, credit card, flathead, ten thousand

combinations, long hours waiting,
a panicked text, fire escape, lowered

ladder, hopped fence, and on your
dashboard, a ski mask

I knew then
I would be broken into

but I couldn’t think of what I had
that you would want

even less, something I would miss
for already I had left everything I loved

in a pile in a kitchen in St. Louis
even my little yellow step-stool



image: Dorothy Chan