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Butt Germs

“And Anticlea came, whom I beat off…” Ezra Pound, Canto I

“And I came./And I flowed in upon thee, beat them off…” Ezra Pound, The Tomb at Akr Caar

“But Flows don’t give a fuck. They don’t give a fuck about representation.” Felix Guattari


There is always a now

In which the bodies of our

Lovers are being discovered

No longer analogous to the

Now when we remember

Other bodies bodied in our

Reflections because of

Butt germs we refrain

From holding hands


Because we were kissing

Others became afraid

Of butt germs


The bare facts: I’m



Negative until he came

He tells me the bare facts


Leap on one another

Know one another

Live & Hairy


The blood rite of the bare

Fact: shot gold on my hand


All of the lights

Tongue over tongue

Body over body

Leap on one another

Heart over heart

Shot gold




Sex in

Butt germs


Ten million germs on the face

Of it 49 germs per square inch

Part risk & cost let everything

Bend six months in curing ban-

ish whatever might lead them

To think past the bare fact


Supposedly we did

Delicious things?


We did delicious things.

Shot gold.


The algebra of butt germs queers

Our geometry


For three months

Did not know the taste

Of butt germs


Too many positive

Bare facts

Shot gold


I got butt germs

We believe the attraction is chemical


Start with Galactus or Whitman

Someone who at least swallows

Planets almost impossible to

Judge what each understands

Of the other and to be frank

Copulation, ingestion, secretion

Is clearly the point

From there it is mainly a matter

Of how you feel about butt germs.


I’ve been licking

Toilet seats at

The clubs again

Because I know

You take all

That vitamin C

And have to

Shit when you

Go out dancing.


We do delicious things

Lips shut sucking

Cover our lips & eyelids

With butt germs.


Gathering swallows

And bumping, indulging in

Bulbous excrescence

Inside the tittering rolling

Of all things stick the

Breathing tube down my

Throat and suck my teeth up

I did all that sticky

For nothing.


And in the middle

Of things

Some flabbier variant


Once you utter butt germs

And no further thought: by any addition,

& in proportion to that addition, you

Introduce deficiency.


Humping the floor equals amazing


& we sit here

Worried about butt germs


Artisanal meth is amazing


Butt germs are a sigil

against broken hearts


My love holds

Me in the flame

Of love if harm

Harm to ourselves

Invention of butt germs

More or less equal to

The thing explained.


All the good ones

Are killed cruising

For rough trade.




I would like to be

Your dude—like

When I’m pulling

Out of the garage

You come running

Waving your arms yelling,

“Love You, Dude!”

“Love You, Dude!”



image: Michael Peirson