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Attempts to Name a Focal Point photo


Here, right now, I am a self taking place,

                                                                      strangely getting smaller. 

The solitudes we came upon were full of trellises and pendulums. 

Not the first afterthought: 

                                          what if this divergence also diverges and so on and so on?

Some accounting’s underway, composed of chiding, shifts in tone, redirections. 

Surely one or two rumors 

                                             eventually craft a context where they’re true. 

In the space allotted, provide an answer 

                                                                          to a question no one’s thought to ask. 

One arc might be ordinary empathy 

                                                                finally become strategic. 

Century, upon inspection, what a lot of footdragging you seemed to do. 

All the vying people do 

                                         to name the focal point of where the butterflies have been. 


Honestly, when was the last time a seized person exclaimed, 




image: Aaron Burch