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Today I bought blue yarn and brand-new silver nails and sketched
the shape of a star on a piece of wood. Hammered the head of the nails 

making points of the star so my daughter, at four, could weave
navy yarn back and forth while I watched her weave

navy yarn back and forth. Her doughy fingers pinched deep blue yarn.
Together we looped the string around one nail and pulled it toward the next.

I got it, she says. She loops the yarn. It gets caught on the head of the nail.
I slip the yarn below the head. You can make the outline of the star first.

I thought clockwise or maybe counterclockwise.
She weaves the ink-colored string forward and back, right.

She hooks the yarn around different nails
than I imagined, turning my star into her pentagon,

seeing things I don’t.



image: Doug Paul Case